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but better it is to lay your hande, ot your bed-felowea

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appear to be more abundant in certain pathological conditions and so are very apt to

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On the 12th, the pulse varied from 112 to 12a SQght cough

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On the 15th and 16th the pulse was 84, and of gck>d strength;


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» Statham, J. C. B. (December, 1910), "A Small Outbreak of Fever due to Bacteria having Unusual

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to receive the toddy, which is removed morning and evening. When first

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tumor had totally disappeared; and were divided in our ideas

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The disease was br : .! • • - • - :h P ._.a,.i m ilit- time of the ^ilahdi. and,

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It is proposed in the present paper to discuss the condition generally, to give the

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the arm she had lost, was very troublesome; and the patient

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bathes, and euory momyng after keymyng of the head, wypo the face

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put I thowth to vysett fo sayd reuerend iaper [the Master of the

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4. That cdli ciimiaiDii!! even in large numbers, in a huge volume of water, disa))pear

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51 Ef-ipt is a coimLrey ioynwl to lury ; ■gjt*'"'"'"

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into MSS, and spelling into words, and has rendered him a wonder and

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V The .xii Chapjtre of potage, of sewe, of etew pi>tt«s, 4

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an abomination into a harmless product of bacterial activity. We have little rain, and

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the effects of friction and pressure, a fact well brought out in this case by the warty

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to that which is commanded unto him. And therefore he Is called regardant,

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lution of the oxymuriate of mercury was added, and the mix*'

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alimentary tract. Some of the appearances last described, and more especially blood-dust

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Chicks c and d, clean birds, were inoculated on Pubruary 18, 1909, from a case of acute, hut not very

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hart and mynde to come and to eo uiy tyme more the sayde place

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The former, so far as fallacies are concerned, are tlie more difficult, the latter,

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I extract. The book is in Captain Cox's list. Its author, ^n. S. Picco-

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for a single cause and to forget that two or more pathological states may act concurrently

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the idea that it was originally imported from South Africa is correct I cannot say, but

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edition of the Dijeiary, the Breutianj, and the Agfronamije, which

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tion;"^ nor Ad Ann Moore appear to us^ as she did to J. L*,

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Gram — rods, chiefly the former. Many of the latter exhibited polar bodies and

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of them with a hand lens showed the presence of a pale pink centre over which the epidermis

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water from that which had led to a condemnation of the original welLs. Nos. 2. 3 and 4 have been discarded

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ing have been confined to the female sex. The remark still holds true with

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