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Preste." Put "Andrew Boorde physi" in the bit turn off the
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in consequence of his dislike to animal regimen, ainee the coifr-
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" I humyly & precnrdyally deayre your maatershepp to be good
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It is evident that such an arrangement presented elements of danger. A pure supply
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blood from the heart of a very j'oung chick which had l)cen inoculated 3.3 hours previousl.v with blood from a
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Fig. 20 shows a double nucleus, situated in the centre, the smaller lying against the
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eel, which again was only part of the great forest of Anderida, that
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made for streptococci. When essential, the pathogenic effect of a suspicious microbe foUowed
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Scriptonim illustrium Tnaioiis Brytannim^ Catalogua ; Scriptorcs
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skynnes' of fysahe and fleaahe,* & boraet* meate, and
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presence of iron and manganese in the water has resulted in the rapid grow-th of the crenothrix fungus and
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History of present illness.— The growths, which, as will be seen, occur for tiie most
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stained blood ^^ ^^^ ^^g jjg^e only considering those of an autogenetic nature, it will be as well to take
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ago, without any known cause, the tongue became very painful,
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appeared either in the form of a dot or well-defined rod, which, in some of the largest
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Cingalese medicines; but says he will place himself under toy
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account of its connection with Boorde, reprinted at tha end of thU
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weight of the muriate of soda* 11. It ia probable the coagula*
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uople, A there ia a patryarke at^ Venis; but al these
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other Museum edition, in big black-Iettor, had not, on the front and
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These three cases, L. C. and W., were admitted to the Military Hospital, British
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ciladnes, breokyng a mans mynde about many matters the wliich ho
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hie the dogmas and subtilities of the Galenic schooL
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practice. By Samuel Merriman, M. D. &c. . - - 467
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his harte and mynde in Chrisies death and passion, and to call to his
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-Is regards the second observation, that of the filament phenomenon, I am still in
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be gentyl, but the men be great drynkers ; and many of tii» Fieininci ■»
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quences follow, as is shown by Dr« Fotbergill, ttid asore pud»
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reflectynge more to a pertyculer place then to vnyuersall places, audit
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tumor had totally disappeared; and were divided in our ideas
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absolutely no history pointing to the ingestion of ptomaines. One can only term it a case of
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majority of these cells show an indefinite unstained nucleus with one or more small
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' Paleatiaa, whiche also ia named Judea, bcinge a seueralle province of
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stupidity of the natives of any English county, is in Latin, probably
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Merry-Andrew, or more of that than anything else, is a bigger fool
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IT Gourdes be euyll of nowrysshement. Cucumbers ckmrd^
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V The .xii Chapjtre of potage, of sewe, of etew pi>tt«s, 4
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page, " The trcatyso answerynge the boke of Iterdes," and on its last
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the effects of friction and pressure, a fact well brought out in this case by the warty