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Ceremonial of the Kings of England, bought by the present Dutchess of

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must not be forgotten that recent blood investigations have shown the frequent presence

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malattie tropicali della Calabria e dclla Sicilia. Sezione di malattie csotiche del R. Instituto di Clinica

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Chnrie is the Italian ■ C6rio, wine of Coraicn.' (Florio.)

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I trust your mastershepp hath pardonyd me ; for god knowth I was

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to tuberculosis may be occasioned. It is important to bear this in mind, because it

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man, & there he thre, naturall, anymal, and vj-tall : the natnmll

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I wish I cotdd say wherein dits quality resides, but I wiB net

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however, that to arrive at correct conclusions as regards this matter, several points, as

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tliough the same phenomenon did not apply in dogs. They consider that in the monkey the

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hia wife (formerly Miss Preston) and her mother, Mrs Preston. It

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last the engineers declared themselves ready to submit such samples, it was found that

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don forbid any nativus or bondman being received as a monk* with-

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pupse for the inspections were numerous and rigorous. There was no way of getting at the

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be good to me, I wold see yow more soner than yow wold be ware off."

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was admitted, and this proved to be the case, C. poh/xpora speedily making its appearance.

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spirochaJtal blood on January 25, 1911. Nothing was found iu the blood up to January 28,

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Archiv. November, 1910). His tine plates of normal and abnormal cells, and curious

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and the infantes of poore foike in water, who had the better,

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Ilanawar or Hanago. Tlio rountre ia like Brnban and H"iii»uu in

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sometimes appear to increase in size. Beyond this change I have been unable to

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of fallacies and puzzles in stained blood preparations. I do not here intend to say

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Gclderlond is sandy, and [has] muche waaste and baryn

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yeast cell which was associated with a cutaneous Leishmaniosis, and led more than

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eempotted ouiy be'fXBcipitBaedhydieiCQq^iiittri^ 'Eo examine

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with esses of diabetes treated successfully by Dr. Watt and

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wa;; found that the agar used for the first subculture had been prepared from Doerr's

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and epithelioid (niesohlastic) cells, accompanied l>y more or less complete disintegration of

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(e) Tliat fiikh of infected cases and all such belongings as cannot be thoroughly

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December 23. — No further change has occurred except that for a few days there

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Such infection, after a titne, usually undergoes a great increase, resulting not uncotntnonly

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to form coils and loops was again noted. By night the chick was very ill and weak, so it was chloroformed and a

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luble by heat 6. The specific gravity of serum is generally not

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rosty & salt; and there ia cheese, & horing, Balmone, oh»«, mIihoii

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Captain Cummins, R. A.M.C. The following were the chief points. Four days after admission

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lung had disappeared and had been replaced by a librous tissue, which in parts was of

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The wound was dressed as before, and to the surface whtck

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the organism is mycotic. Bitter has cultivated it in Egypt, and finds that its growth is

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