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cause it occasioned severe pain behind the jaws; but the lower

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Laveran and Pettit (1909). — " Infections experimentales on l.atentesdu singe et du chien par ie kala-azar tunisien."

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On December 11 another differential count was carried out. The patient's general

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pain continued, diarrhoea set in and he died on July 31, 1910. Leishman-Donovan

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Jhon Awdeley, 1561, 4to, 28 leaves, with the Lord's Prayer in

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"1. That, the flora of the intestinal tracts of men and animals are subject to very

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'■'■ Woolley, Paul G. (June 1906), "Tropical Febrile HplenomegaJj."— Philippine Journal of Science, Vol. I.

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needs to be cleared up by further study. None of these accounts, it will be seen, mentions

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Being au account of the more common deceptive appearances met with in such work,

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as specific entities. As I only found them in one film out of the four sent, it occurred

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Mirth and honest Company, p. 88-9, below; lastly, compare tho first

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water showed in tliree to four days an enormous number of very actively motile bodies.

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p. 183. No Lords in Venice. — *^ DemocraHa, a free state or common

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have passed tlirough their hot youth, and known wliat aoxual desire

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