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which had undergone complete fibrosis as shown by the large numbers of connective

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^Dtomologie und Helminthologie des Menschlichen Koer-

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appear to be derived from some bed of limited e.xtcnt which perha])9 trends towards the surface. This is not an

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Chick V. Bird showing some bodies in the blood prior to inoculation (vide r and d). Were these true

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Coccidiosis in thu intestine of cattle, goats, etc., has been described in Central

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1804, after having laboured under diabetes for twelve mondtt^

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ing of his house for the hellh of [his] body, and to holde qiiyetnea for

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comparatively little significance can be attached to their, perhaps temporary, absence

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24—25. Found lying together as drawn. Short detailed account of case given.

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and dilate and becomes quite globular in shape ; this enlargement and dilatation extend

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in the Sudan in which so many mistakes in diagnosis are made as that in which blood in

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insanitary purposes whereby the subsoil water is apt to be contaminated.

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Archie, de I'lnst. Past, de I'nnis, 1910, i., ^-tnalyses p. 45.

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i(f London Bridge, 2ud id. 1B39. * A luavea out B's "at,"

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in the Bodleian ; "gathered together by A.B., of Physick, doctour:"

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experience of similar cases here we are bound to say that we would have expected the

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temperature was very high and very irregular, and he died on Jan. 26, 1910. The

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yot they, and tbe aforesnyd londos reheraod, from Calys,

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even made him sign an agreement, and landed him on the spot, which are his friends

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expunge those who, in his ofnnian^ were in the feast degree

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"I do nat wryte these bokea for lerned men, but for ayniple and '

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Janiiarij./ [nmidcKt o/ an oftronomer.'] Imprint : Imprinted by / me Tbomoa

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false, and oominauaded them to bye it. — HalVa Chronicle, p. 650, ^

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and for six months, I lived on milk and vegetables. I tasted

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films obtained. There were many parasites in tlie mononuclears. Cells like degenerated

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& BO eewe vp togyther quarell-wyBe as mocho as wyll

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occasional pain of the arm was all she complained of. The

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