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time. The entry and the maturation are apparently irregular as regards time and hence

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aforesayde patriarkes hath not, one for one, so many "ifiaof"

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While there are limits to the value to be attached to the chemical and bacteriological analyses of water, still

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Gathered by An. Boord, Dr of Physicke." London, F. Williams,

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consideryng that the one bouko is concuirant with the other."

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' Case found on return in Khartoum Military Hospital.

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hym with it C07iayderyd. Martjhuas beef, whiuho iti

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parasite leaves the body with tlie excreta. In the urine, albumin was twice present, but

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Tropics. Eecently, a paper by Sir Jonathan Hutchinson'' appeared in which he discusses

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" tS" 11"^ ■2''3. Cliapitro duthe slewe of lyco in a

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The procedure on finding a case of kala-azar was as follows : — I'locedurc

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lectulariits) is unlikely, as these monkeys were kept in a metal cage and no bed-bugs were

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Fig. 39.— Case 1. Neck growth. Twice natural size

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galese booksf of the diabetes mellitus, or madu mehi (honey

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purpose a quantity of coagulated serum was cut into small

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put on a payre of gloues, & with JL garters I do byndo the wreetea

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is a goodly cyto called Prago, whcr the king of Boeine Tiifirciiicr

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words iu the Dulwich MSS, In Mr Colliur's printing the StAtionura' ulprk'a

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sascharine emtract, of the appearance and consistence of trenck»

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Crymosyne Sl purple Balyoe, willi long qaartcred Bleacs". . . "and then

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highest agglutinating titre was thus estimated, and was as follows : —

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which doth come from the brayno and heado, ingendred of rcume and

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less a chronic one, commencing, as a rule, in the form of a superficial nodule, which

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There was evidently a well-marked eosinophilia, and an increase of the mononuclear Local

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the law of Mahomet, whose tricks Boonle sliows-up (p. 214-16).

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notwithslandynge, let no man Uiynko that there is no Phisicion nor

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Bolfe lytel pleasure, all thynges consydert'd; the whiche I


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of ago to Join tho said friars^ or shall in any way assist in his abduction, no

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citiea and towncs : [therein] ia plenty of fysh and flesh,

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interest and describe a condition resembling in some respects that found in the Sudan.

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wards told me she was at the point of death, not able to walk

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a solution of kali sulphuratum, with pills of opum and digitalis,

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opake, a flaky iwihitaiirr aepamea fioaa it» mkI ka odour k cb-

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was not clean hut harboui'c^l a few of the inclusions. Nothing was found in samples of

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doth passe all other chores, none excesse taken. But

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sucli bodies grow smaller and become the nebulous clouds of which he speaks. He can give

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lesus Chryste dyd lye in hym selfe vnto in [sol Pylates hall, as tho

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jtuuiUTnikii Bytwyxt the Tuikes and mo is lytlo niarcy ;

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vases, bottles and small dishes of water placed beneath the legs of ice-chests, tables,

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