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ordinary agar, the colonies picked off, and various culture media inoculated in order to

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A fine capillary pipette, such as is used for estimating the Widal reactions, was

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() has : ** Here foloweth the Table of the Chapiters."

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their ways and to look after their birds, one ofifered some substantial (from the native

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he false, I praye God too manyfeat them what they ho.

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allowing escape of the individual cocci, which in turn appear to be taken up by

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and in there fare, and manera. Sowth Wales is beat; sooih wnit. t.

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it was decided that only small doses of the prepared vaccine ought to be administered, and,

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hwmatozoa, in which case it would appear that the Jackson hartebeeste, of the Southern

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treatment is often as much a diagnostic as a curative agent in this class of illness.

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Ac vicinity^of Norfolk in Virginia, but bom accounts of others,

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of B. coli communis, and he gives the interpretations put upon it by four authorities, India

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' Biironn, O., and Lablir, A. (.Inly 1.5, 1909), "Siir raffectioQ conmio sous Ic noin do liotryomycose et son

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The .xxxix. chapter treateth of lury and of tho lues, and of

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myonemes from the posterior to the anterior end. These waves of contraction can be

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bowles in an aly : whnn all this is fynysshed, and tho

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by I)r. Wcnyon were in specimens collected in the warmer part of the year. These stages

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surrounding the sinuses. Lying in this fibrous tissue are reticulated areas, which

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strips of hide do not harbour bugs is quite fallacious, as many such angareebs w-ere seen

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in certeue wordea, theyr vsago, theyr manor & faahyons,

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any Chrysten man hath ; — and noble physycyons I haue r^ VxMwn

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gut, some calcareoiis. The upper part of the small intestine was very translucent, and

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down, in order to provide a site for hia mausoleum, which Michael

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compound occupied by many other people, and the prejudice against such a procedure

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shake out the remnaunt of your aackes, standynge in i ■hoow uica

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The/yrst Bohe of t}ie Intro'luetum of Knowledge, cap. 35,

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' Colwell wM admitted a freeman of the Stattoaers' Company on tbe SOth

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Tbfi ctaalo, tlutnb-b«ll. droplet, nod fllameDt phenomena in fowl's blood and butnan blood un necn by Uie dark-fleld method

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and put therto .iii. vnces of Sa[xi]frage rotes, and bake this togyther in

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extensive native locations in Khartoum North. It is in such cases that the small

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§ 43. E. Fifthly, and lastly, let ua see oui author in his seriotu