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chyldren, wbioli is n det«8tablo thyng to here it, and no ui* ««iii.
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they disap|)eared along with the body. No definite extrusion of the body or of any granules from the corpuscle
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think as a cause If more slides are required or any other information is necessary,
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, rsl, as ever she b^d been» l^he menses, which had been present
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lymphoid structui'es of gut. No ulcers. Spleen was slightly congested, not enlarged.
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but the bare honour, the gift of ■ few ainal ofBces, and the
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the youngest about 6. These figures are only approximate, as the ages had of course to '^^'^'^
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' In a later very interesting c.ise, not only a typicsil granule infection present, but in liver sections
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house enables me to fix Ist April, 1536, as the date of the letter." ^
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"For this purpose one maintained that continuous pumping trials, extending over a period of 21 consecutive
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niediciuG, and of greut vertne. The best Agnrich is that which is wt ~
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Th# vomitiiig vii» encoimg^ by waraa water far a eoMtdenbU
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Hisii ind Low- hsdfe is Lomhardy. There is a greate dyfference be-
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of the nucleus, though I have been unable to find direct proof of the entrance of the
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suffragan — under 30 years of age ; and wo must therefore put back
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however, of diseases like malaria, dysentery and enteric surely indicates that, given faulty
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when be said he had remained well t81 March 1807", In which
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. Per corno and for ehoes, our fyshe we do soil; udiiiaci.
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I wish to thank the Inspector-General, Sir Rudolph Jiaron von Slatin Pasha, lor Native
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One hears fewer complaints regarding them and certainly encounters them much less
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V Tia .xxiiij. Chapytre eheweth a dyate for flematjcke inen.^
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of whan that I do spcke of Base-Almayno. In Brabant
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Ajb a further precaudODy'also, against any bleeding which might
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hate of phliaa. The addition of oxalic add to serum 4shows that itxintiMOS s
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the following interesting information as regards native treatment which he kindly sent me.' ■'''^'^""'^"'
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The animal died and the post mortem examination revealed nothing of note. The
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to syt at dyimer ; and not so longe at supper. Englonde
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records and charts very kindly submitted by Major Standish O'Grady, R.A.M.C., the
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" Quite recently I received from Captain Cummins, S.M.O. Kordofan, a blood smear from
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roBonable bcastes ; and man is made to the Bimilitudcnes of God, and
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come of euyll dyet, and Uite drynkynge, and great surfotynge,
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raigned, & hanged at the foreaayd turnyiig tree [a place on the Thames],
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naturally enough, vaccine-therapy has not yet been greatly exploited in tropical countries,
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This 6 is supposed to ba the lost letter of Boorde. Tlie eeco&d bit is
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' Ci>rdrlieT$, trom the tflpe thej wore m ft girdle. ' grate B. ' diggyd B.
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Eecently, Captain Archibald has carried out some experiments which, I think, Fowl lice are
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for some time at the boiling temperature, there is a manifest
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by far the most ibgejMOnat and triiich« &tHB the auiihority of its
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to immersion in pure hydrochloric acid for half an hour, washed in distilled water several
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October 10, showed 6,050,000 red blood corpuscles and 5,600 leucocytes. Lencopenia
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sometimes forced to be bled four times a week. My coug^ was
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