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by "606" and test its value as a curative or protective agent in the same way as

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Bousiiold (1908). — "Observations on Kala-azar in Kassala Province."

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photo-micrographs of this filaria show that it is practically identical with that under

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supply of granule-free ticks this question cannot be settled.

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The .XKsri, chapter treateth of Barhari, and of the hhito Mores^ I

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Saffron, qniksilver (whedie arne Spaynes marchandy)

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and of the life, manera, and Lawoa of (ho Jewea in the Fanlle of Fadont,

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Epithelioma, Benign cystic, Histo-pathology of, 198

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On section the epithelial cells of the mucous membrane were found to be practically

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smaller one used on page 234, &c., below, which latter he has copied.

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of greater importance in the identification of a bacillus. To discuss this last objection

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evvry klngdua ia Europe, and to have visited several plaoes in Africa. At

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of nearly every one of the growths. It will be best to consider these briefly in detail.

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illness or loss of weight, that the parasite measured between lOO^i and 1.50/( in length

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and my kynge" (p. 117, L 24). The Lothbury edition must also

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medium, but, when deprived of this medium, the granules present are but few iu number.

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1 had no medicines provided; I therefore endeavoured to e^itcr

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so I endeavoured to cultivate them under anaerobic conditions, without any better result.

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9. That all the angareebs used by the soldiers and police be placed, uncovered,

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loves Couse-bobby [toasted cheese], an IrishmaD Onions, a Frenchman

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ed in the knowledge of this disease; and I have, in consequence,

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may have harboured B. australis at Malakal, or wherever they became infected.

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than vse honest myrth and honest company, and vso to eat« good

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1. The number of organisms exclusive of known, easily recognised, non-pathogenic

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and bodies in small n\inibers were found to be still present. In one instance a spirochiete was found attached by

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and kindly sent me several detailed reports on the cases at Singa.

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Dr. Beam, our Chemist, and I, reported that, as a result of the examination and a study

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surface of an abrasion artificially made on the leg of a Cercopithecus monkey. Living