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milk being lost by splashing, and added to it all manner of abomination.

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presence of the malarial parasite, the liver was punctured and a few Leishman bodies were

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points wliicli liave led nie, somewhat against my own inclination, for the multiplication of

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fully dilated, and the membranes ruptured, strong labour pains,

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my promyse, by my letters maade at bnrdyoae, and also att london,

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probable that alcohol coagulates albumen principally by the

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man. IT Fyrate, asconcemynge/Ae naturall complexyon

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monceux Caatle.] — Horafield's Hisinnj vf LeicM, vol i, p. 239, note ;

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hyghiies caused dyuers & many Babearku & fortificacions to be made."

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reduction of dysentery in Khartoum, while in a population of about sixty thousand we have

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are mercery, Imbcrdashory, cartwheela and barrows. — T, Wnghfe Poiit,

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volves, be it Temcinbored, his further conviction of the folly of self-be-

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I^From theNew-Tork Medical Repository, No. LX. for February, March and

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though it will be noted that with the exception of Well No. a, they tended to diminish as ))umping proceeded.

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help in the French ; and Prof. Rieu in the Arabic ; also a German

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Malpighi with a marked mononuclear cell infiltration of the subcutaneous tissues.

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come dyuers sickeneases. Also with sport and plnye, takyng great

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and let your skynuor cut both the aortc« of the skynnca

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concentrically arranged ; (h) two circular bodies, each having a dark blue central

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with basic dyes, such as the blue in Giemsa's stain and the neutral red in Twort's stain,

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.l/((.i/ 9. As aliovc, but in addition "s))ore" forms showing to-day when the bird was again inoculated with

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2. The fever is a characteristic one, commencing witli high initial pyrexia lasting

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(jo hed charterhowae, a famuse clark, & partt' off fc vnyuersyta off

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the yere, & the fyrst eyght dales after that he 16 made


of an oald aunchyent costome." .Was Uiis because the doves eat the

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which does not seem to prove very much one way or the other, but may be useful for

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At the periphery of the lymphoid follicles and at their base are the masses illustrated

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wtVt all opur fcyngea m fe eourtoa of whom I bane byn, be owr le-

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virga. Or els take the braynea of a Choffe, and myxe it with Hony.

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Volume B — GENERAL SCIENCE. Eecord of extensive research in Economic Branches,

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is, and all ia one coyne: the chofe town of Hanago ia ai '!''>"

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theyr vessels of wine. Florahce is the chefe towne of Fiorenco.

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an illustration is given of segmented granular coccus forms grown on LoefSer's serum, bacillus

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It was, I confess, an anxious time, and one was scarcely prepared for the results

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stronge and hardy / but I do aduertyse euery man, for E^i^^n".

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the inwarde partes. . . It also cureth the wambliuges of the stomacka^

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