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nomerous occurrences, whe e the experimentalist has been guided more by
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the above table in another form, showing the monthly incidence and local distribution of
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leucocytes. It will be remembered that the patient at this time had a boil on his face,
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Town of Murita in Spain, wUere great etore of Mulberries grow, tlie jujce
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The spleen had diminished in size and now measured 3 inches in its greatest length.
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extensive native locations in Khartoum North. It is in such cases that the small
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vacuole anterior to the kinetonucleus ; from this vacuole a pale pink filament can be seen
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The former is connected by means of rubber pressure tubing witli a large hollow
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centrosomes, occur when blood is kept on a jelly and stained with an alkaline stain.
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Boo, prior Carthusianorum Londini, scripsit Contra Erasmumj li, L' Fol. 254,
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«dief eaftcmaUy, tono purpoae. The present attack began, with*
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Ordered him into the hospitaL On being brought there, found
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scattered and of large size, resembling those seen in much post mortem tissue in
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not be a means of conveying the disease in the Sudan, a possibility in view of the tendency
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agtion tpp.l^ pbJF^ Qoe %t . atiU remained to be explained,
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