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incubated at 37° C. and then kept at winter room temperature (about 95° F.) exposed to
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(Case I.) with a peculiar skin lesion, the character of which is well shown in the
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At the dme of writing diis note, he enjoys good health, ak
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Of the above eases, only one was subjected to an alkaline treatment by calcium
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and that Culex fatigans is almost certainly another carrier of dengue fever, they might be
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and women wyll ly to-gctlier In mantles and straw, nimr.
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was found necessary to dilute the sewage to obtain anything like a good effect. Such
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toward England,— as they the which doeth dwell by
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into ten different bacilli, while if his non-typical coli is also considered, more are added
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tests with strains of /)'. ////i/kwh.s-, 1L jmratifplitniK.i, and 11. ilijavutcriiv Shiga, but all with
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except that the nucleus becomes enlarged and vesicular with the single marked karyosome
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whi^ ahMst iaijsieduileljr.aeparales ima die fluid, and may
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atht fiokm fiiehe«*->«SkMlM Se tt e crit^ ^trfai Palif ngtttiee semeii,
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fire, and Dr. Todd's work had to be limited, but they had the advantage of being given every
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daily. He has had no return of saccharine matter in his itfine^
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Chryst and his disciples and manye other sayntes dyd ; for they must
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objectionable contamination, tlian any other organism met with up to now. Yet it will
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folowed .xliii. peraoneB, Oentelmen, all oppareylod in ycalow Salyue, cut like
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loWithat lateeriy she must have inctvased considembly in bulk; for
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intermitting pain in the inferior jaw, beneath the ri^ commis-
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necessary thynges for the sustencyon' of the bowse-
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the 8^ across it," so as to show <^ both its shape and pulsa-
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may have harboured B. australis at Malakal, or wherever they became infected.
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piroplasmosis, the latter was from the blood of a gerbil which had been inoculated,
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G. lectwlarius, are a common pest in barracks tenanted by Egyptian troops. Next, most
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found it to be a chronic sero-fibrinous inflammation. There is a round-celled infiltration ^'■jo-fibrmous
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they make none other prayers. So that he that is not a loner there, is
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nucleus condense into a small ovoid body with the karyosome slightly sepai-ated from it at
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1. The river; the supply to be taken above the town.
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confussyona, arid so they do in many other prouynees
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other symptoms of diabetes. At present he is considerably
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. ,' ^ '^ did a third growth, accessorv to the fused first and second. .\ fourth, on the inner surface
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Ch.28,p.lS4,'Cataloiiy;' Chu 31, p. 199, 'Castile Abiacay;' Ch. 32,
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The young spirochsetes were like those described by Leishraan for ,S'p. ilidtoni in (I. iiumbatn ; shorter,
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mnnle old men doo weare ao beards at all." — Sarriion'i Detcrijit'ian of Ea^-
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■ Manson, Sir P. (1907), Tropical Diseases (4th Ed.).
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