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look like infinitely minute sparkles. Crawley states that even with a magnification of 2,160
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treatment is often as much a diagnostic as a curative agent in this class of illness.
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(omitted by Mr Collier ") on leaf 90 of the first Kcgisteir of the
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flushed, and tears guahed from the eyes, but no change in the
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Lactose bile-salt-neutral-red-broth is used and, as varying quantities of water are
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resorted to as an aid to diagnosis. Examination of the splenic smears revealed the presence
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parasite. Many of the parasites at this stage show marked vacuolation, especially at
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certainly present in the blood, but I am now driven to believe that they are invariably
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considerable multij)lication in the number of colonies and that some form of gas-producing
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that the necessary funds be forthcoming without delay.
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the tests. The acidity was + 10 to phenol-phthalein. One c.c, '5 c.c. and -2 c.c. of the
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one may encounter the extra-nuclear centrosomes of Eoss, Moore and Walker. They centrosomes
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connective tissue undergoing inflammation and some proliferation, and does not apparently
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liactcrinl " 1. That standards in use in cold cliiiiates are useless and worse than useless in
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normal size, abolished the leucopenia, eventually even inducing a slight leucocytosis
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pation for tumors in the tongue, the irritability of which has
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— is shown on an old black piece of oak taken off a bam pulled
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parasites, and work should be carried out on dogs in the Sudan.
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lumbar region, and was in a profuse perspiration, which came
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I should have been happy to have poesessed, 30 or 40 years
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necessary it is for them to be laxatyue, [& to be in a
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a good Tnyuerayte. There is also Bnisels, and Haivgh- mkUjii,
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■katingf becauae. k ia well kaowa that this diseaio often re*
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available for examination. Out of these 13 cases, in 9 the parasites were present in the
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rabid animal is of short duration; all those that I have seen having
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History of present illness.— The growths, which, as will be seen, occur for tiie most
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' Compare the Friars, in Prof. Brewer's Monumenta Frandscaruif p. 674,
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increase blod, and doth set the blode in a tcmporaunce.
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