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disease appears to cling to river banks, and yet bed-bugs are equally common in places on
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the village of Buri which is served by shallow wells liable to pollution.
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from this delivery. A very considerable discharge eilsued from
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is as moche to say as 'rostyd chase'/ wbiche thynge t/ia Wolchmen
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although B. coli has never been fonnd in this water, the facts stated, together with the constant presence
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The whole apparatus can be sterilised by the flame of
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p. m3 : "lUm the same day paled to my lorde of Wikhire for a phiaicifUl
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to find. In two infected monkeys w'e have searched carefully for parasites in the peripheral „
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on the day of admission. Leishman-Donovan parasites found in the i)eri])lu'r;il
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Without trespassing on the functions of our Review Supplement, I may yet mention
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and diisdeSf were much complained of, as if aflecting the am-^
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was given subcutaneously. Fresh boils appeared on the scrotum. The temperature at this
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months the two men have been eating together, and sleeping side by side, while they are in
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Medical histories and reflections. By John Ferriar, M. D., 109
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condition in a very short space, and at the same time may prevent the occurrence of
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contraceptive measures are practised at times by the Sudanese, but such can play no great
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of fallacies and puzzles in stained blood preparations. I do not here intend to say
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other does not. Some are, comparatively speaking, very large, and it is notew'orthy that
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when large draughts were taken, should cease; a large dose of
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On February 5, Captain P. U. Carr, Director Veterinary Department, sent me a pony