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help will be obtained by altering the illumination of the field. A dull light is responsible

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of these annoying pests, quite apart from the question of any virus they may convey.

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was pared fifom the glenoid cavity, in order to facilitate the

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Practical Observations on various novel Modes of Operating

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ticks, other means of infection being prevented, it develops spirochaetosis. The

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horrible uncleanncssps they were goilty of," Bp Ponet had previooflly written

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certain women street-sweepers getting a rise of pay while he did not, every conservancy

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p. 79. If the general advice for the cure of Gtchexia be followed, the

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It is in the stage of vesicle that the patient is most apt to be*

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three years (Abdin), and two years (Abu Galud) respectively.

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creased their knowledge of many diseases. — J. L.

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of BrabandefR, & of their money & apeche. (p. 150)

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pressed a strong derire to set out with me next momhig, when

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From plan prepared by Mr. Williams aud reproduced with the kiud

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modification of the European standard could be generally employed in tropical climes.

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if one employs a platinum loop to transfer a drop of blood to a slide and does not take care

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with Jie relygyon, I & oiio^tr was dyspenayd wi'tA all / cortsydeiyng

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between human and comparative pathology. In the first place, however, we may consider

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examination of the stained films showed that the parasites had increased considerably in

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and resembling, as one may say for want of a better tei-m, "washed out" lymphocytes

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These Eepoits deal with the beginning and development of operations in the vast field of

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Straps were again applied, to retain the sides of the wound

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aocommodation, was situate where the soap mannfactory of Messrs Dix and

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generally, and those showing filaments were distinctly in the minority. In stained films, gaps were seen in some

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efecss assigard to it. That the mere removal of the alkali from

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(b) Flagellated bodies found in water and in faeces of infected monkey.

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