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believed in prognostications and astronomers' prophecies iu.Boorde'a
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IF The Rootes of percelly soden tender, and made in
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beynge Greeke wordes, some and fewo heynge Araby wordes, some
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in a series of absorption tests carried out with food-poisoning bacilli and found -Absorption
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Owing to the fact that kala-azar is still a somewhat uncommon disease in the Sudan,
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case, from which presumably he derived his infection through the medium of laboratory
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micro-organisms, and there can be no doubt that the sun's rays in the Tropics play an
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nights had been long resdess, her general healdi continued good
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references to bis books in Wilson's Jthelorique (p. 116, below),
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sugars, liquefaction of gelatine, and acid production in milk are of so permanent a type that
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IT The ,3tiii. Capitlo doth ahew of sowi»g of aeedea, & plantyngo
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LIvffua is the latin woide. In greke it is named Oloimi, or Glolla,
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when it was stopped, so it would seem to have a definite toxic effect on protozoa.
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geese, and the geese shall go naked ; and they do bgU
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do refrayne from Fleshe and fyshe, whiche be dryed in the smoke,
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A motile body presenting a filament was watched for one hour. After an interval of two and three-quarter
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The papules were repeatedly punctured for the purpose of ascertaining whether
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(f) The insusceptibility of pigeons to the disease. The fact that gerbils cannot be
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>driak milk and country sugar before his illness, and since has
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apparently confirming Letulle's-' previous view that possibly botryomycosis is amoebic in
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to be described, appears, undoubtedly, to have derived his infection from the first, two
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Major Cunnnins, R.A.M.C., stated that the number of parasites found had no relation
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and evening temperatures showed very wide variations. Owing to his weak condition
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Sarcidior/us inelanota, Jlianoproleits ( HalterUlia)
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science to hym and his judgement, than to anie ordrc, altliuwgh of
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who previously were "shudad." will come clamouring for medicines. Quinine is known
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rational; caUs for drink, which, with some hesiintioo, he puts to
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generate a thyngo lyko to hynisetfe ; for by it he ia aeaimiled to the
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In this case some of the growths have been present for two years, and, even when 'j''™ *, ^. ,
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ysens eaten before dyner, be good to prouoke a mans
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belonging to the genus Leishmtuiid. It was thought advisable to examine the contents Leishmnnui
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charged with the same sin in early life, though he denied it ; and we ]
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ance, and his skin soft, and flesh firm. His weight to-day is
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always subject to bad temper. Thus I call those fooU who wished
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Technique. — The blood was collected in Wright's glass capsules, samples being taken
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She complained of nothing, save numbness of the arm. As she