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thoroughly established, that, under certain conditions, the middle layers of a lake of over
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ami Irwin were Ut on the same day, in the beginning of August,
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removed, Mr. Taybr (a stttf;eon of the neighbouriiood) went
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in AjJril and May. I have noticed frequently how rapidly the number of house-flies
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man, & there he thre, naturall, anymal, and vj-tall : the natnmll
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Mnirh 11. Distinct increase in the uuniber of bodies. No spiroch;utcs.
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like rods sticking out of a central dark-staining mass. Those found bj- Cai'ini are shorter
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pupse for the inspections were numerous and rigorous. There was no way of getting at the
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<* Mr. H. Jackson,'' we are further assured, ^ having a thoraagh
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water-collections are under scrutiny. It is, however, a totally different affair if there is
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Archiv. November, 1910). His tine plates of normal and abnormal cells, and curious
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of fallacies and puzzles in stained blood preparations. I do not here intend to say
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Tropical Diseases, etc., including Sleeping Sickness, etc., etc. 255 pages, including
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and epithelioid (niesohlastic) cells, accompanied l>y more or less complete disintegration of
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December 23. — No further change has occurred except that for a few days there
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former, allowance is made for the deaths of persons in public institutions, and it is intended
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vaporous or dothe Aimo, is not good for the bed. And
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as to their origin. On no occasion was any appearance met with resembling the great
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that it is certain he is ' written up to,' ^ as the publishers have it now-
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and various diseases which affect man, is still somewhat in a state of chaos. Some of
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for the purpose of studying the various skin lesions present in tliis case.
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nior. 9«. 1567 Perry pt. i, 468, 9s. Bindley pt. i. 460, lis.) 1576."
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time during which it is- certainly not impossible that she may
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to adopt Eivolta's name for the parasite of epizootic Ijinphangitis. In some cases, however,
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the lunga and surface of the body, which we ascertained, beyond
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the sttccessfiil pracdce he had the merit of intfx:dociiig^ in
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of Ida stay at Poictiprs and Wittenburg (if any), ho haa left no
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from Pinta, as did the absence of any fungus in samples of the scales examined by
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"2. Bactcriologically, Wells Nos. 1, G and 7 have yielded a satisfactory supply.
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3. The feeding of uninfected ticks on chicks showing bodies only in their peripheral
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Gaflcony is a comniodiouae country, for ther is plenty om«ii».
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T. nanum. The pony was then treated with arsenic and was sent for re-examination on
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many fynnes, be more holsomer thau We fresahe-water
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and ridges projecting from it, these latter representing the secondary growths which have
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^a£ advantage was gained^ for the head immediately dropped
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IT Rape rootes, yf they be well boy led, they do ^ iup«e.