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without benefit resulting, it has now, with the consent of the Governor, been resolved

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that, to me, they looked more like spirochaetes than anything else, but that I was unable to

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and itching at the meatus urinarius, attended with sterility,

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the river being the Blue Nile — a mighty stream springing from Lake Tsana in the

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Possible From the fact that a streptothrix condition was present in three of the tumours

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ponegaroBides, Milke &, Ilony, Figgca and Raysins, and

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cloth, or a pilo carpit, and cast oner the graue, and Bet

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which drain a large area. During the dry season the people dig wells in the bed of the

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Nares is given, " Iceland Dogs : shaggy, sharp-eared, white dogs, much

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man a hoola Wekc ; for ho shall haue, whan I was thcr, ix. kakys

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have to be brought in by camel from an oasis some hours from Khartoum or sent by

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white wyne. And if the wounde be depe, vse siccatiue playsters

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are disposed to extend the list of communicable diHeaseB, tlioy liave not

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chartterhowse off london last beyng, of hya owne meere mocyou,

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it, and therefore written after 1537, Boorde wouldn't have cared

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patient were covered by multiple boils, several of which were suppurating. There was also

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of -whiuh Upcott had only a fww copied. The reader will see that

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asleep with the basin at her lipa. Sinapisms w!ei« put round

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' MacConkey, A. (Jnly, 1905), " Lactose forincntin^ bacteria in Fteccs." Journal of Hjiyicin-.

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The Introduction was also intended to have a book on Anatomy

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Service, HalUyminge of the Orampe RingSy and Offeringe and Creepinge to the

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Abattoir in Cairo, stated, in a letter to me, that he had frequently seen lesions of a

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contamination. As a matter of fact B. cloacae is not an indicator of daiujerous and recent

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* If. the iQost r^ceif t anal^rses of animal. fiuid8« it bas been aasumcdt «• a,

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Garlike with all meatcB, and draake bote wynea in the bote wether, and

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honger we dyd come to Compostcll, where we had plentye of meate

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