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indebted to Dr. Squires of the Sudan Medical Department.

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black letter." Mr Hnzlitt puts Colwell's edition before Wikes'e, and

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Observations on Diabetes Insipidus. By John Bostocki M. D. 457

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Of these 42 cases, 41 have been diagnosed since May, 1907, and have contracted

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obscure them. It is well, therefore, in every case to lacerate the tissues on the slide

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The general condition of the patient was fairly good. Both spleen and liver w^ere

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The patient complains that the growths itch intensely when exposed to the sun's

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Henry Uie .VIII.' Hall Btt.vs : 'In thisycre [A.n. 1631] was an

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many ticks in all stages of their development. For the reason above stated it is not

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The millet seed areas represented caseous tubercles undergoing a connective tissue Microscopic

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is after all a filter, and all filters, whether artificial or natural, are treacherous, and are

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■ Mint-bin, K. A. (1908), " luvcstigatious ou the development uf Try pa nosouies in the Tsitse fly and

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the church Is called Saynte Sophyes Churche, in tha

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