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Veterinary Department. He believed the condition to be Bursati.
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.•\s regards sex incidence, of 42 cases, 8 only were females. I do not think that this
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this notwithetanding, bett«r it ia not to set vp a lion-se-
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foui' culture tubes were examined ; three showed micro-organisms, the fourth showed
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' See the Prefaoe io the DyefaiTi, p. S2E, Iwlow. Boordo BpeakB again of
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This matter doth aprynge of an euyl educacion or bringynge vp, I
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bryng the blond after ; and thoy be such flyea as do set
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"This organism should uot be present in less than 1000 c.c. of deep well-water. Here it has licen foimd in
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I haue loued to eorche boudgcta, & looke in maloa ; t lUia thining.
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some of the red cell forms are of the nature of these peculiar polar bodies. So far as
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the development of an odour distinctly disagreeable. The taste is also somewhat unpleasant.
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And maaj a b«ggere for bene* • buicime nas to swynkf,
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Ipooru, brown beloved Batlard, fat Aliga»t, nor any qaick-
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aforeaayde tyme, those monthea and dayea, a man may ehorten <w
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' Sbo Boonle'ii Letlur VI, to Kecretary CromwoU, in Iha
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ix. sponefulles at a ^me ; and at the .xv. dayes ende I haue gcuen
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The presence of four free iiagella and the absence of an undulating membrane would
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are occasionally to be found in the cell cytoplasm, and at this stage the flagellum may
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[being] requyred to tary, and to romajne, and to contynue with syr
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The strap was cut from the ligature. The pain diminished,
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their iawes and eyca aa fast aa the player playoth. Lytle
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A report was submitted to the Government in May of that year, and this article, at
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On the 8th the pulse was 112, intermitting one beat in every
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when passed from chick to chick. This is what Blaizot found with his virus. I have
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aunt gracyousnes, that you cyousnea, that you wyll con- I
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the Philoaophical Magazine for August 1805.* This is mention-
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ovum of the fowl, so that it is quite possible that chicks, even live chicks, may be hatched
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Recurrence of sjiirochaetes in large numbers. Tangles present.
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At elc^ren o'cloc)^ the lethargy had iocaeased wo inuc\ that it
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employed. Only three of my cases showed any symptoms after puncture and these
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December W, 1909. 96-hours' agar culture. Further increase of bacillary forms. Involution
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of wine of a deep red colour, ohieQy from Qalicia or Malaga in
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it again be found. Major Ensor and Captain Fry, who were interested spectators of this
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gyue to Moysos, and to tho chyldren of Israeli, as it
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the cases described by Balfour and Thomson, was sent from the Khartoum Military
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Wei was that fQemmynge that myght trusse and goo , . .
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Facts and Observations respecting Intermittent Fevers. By
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" I have since foimd, by the dark-field method, clumps of motionless sheaths in the contents of the
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