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SPirilui is the hilin wonl. In Greke it is named Pnow or Pttetima.

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Nationality and Approximate Ages of Eecorded Deaths; September, 1909, to

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butter, un Englishman Beefe, a Scot loves an Oat-cake, the Welshman

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IT This impediment d'^th come of a Ctynte horta, and of a fearn-

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diey entirely ceased, and her health became restored. It appear*,

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erythrocyte, but I do not think a Jolly body ever looks like a dividing coccus.

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described. I was only able to examine the cases at intervals, and it so liappcned that, as a

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Boo, prior Carthusianorum Londini, scripsit Contra Erasmumj li, L' Fol. 254,

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Analyus of the Cactus Coccinillifer. By John Bostock, M. D., 83

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appear vesicular. In these, which are highly refractile, one can sometimes see a central spot

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Ordered him into the hospitaL On being brought there, found

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presumably in the sero-fibrinous effusion. Some of the smaller vessels in this tissue

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may laugh thereat," as if he referred to the end of Boorde'a Dedica-

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experiments with the zeer, the procedure adopted was to fill it with 10 litres of river

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For all the pardons of Eome if they wold me gouo.* 8

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and of the sea fur flah ; for wine also they trauell, not only into

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ajmcuH. much gold. The chefe towne is Ciracus. & there is a

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book after 1547. The cutting of the * pyctures' must have taken so

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quendy distended with flatus, and also of a sensation of heat

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vitaill, mnnicion and men, came before the citie of Bayon, where, with

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48 hours, and, as usual, ten colonies picked off and their reactions tested.

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lO-lI. Note the chromatin granules in ihc macrophaKcs

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come from the surface of the ground, and probable that they remained alive in the

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paper, by quoting from portions of my final report to the Sudan Government on the

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Balantidia are usually associated in man with pathological conditions, producing

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tondomo, I must retume from Ilygh Almayn, & epeke of

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The animal died and the post mortem examination revealed nothing of note. The

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blue. The majority, however, had centres more of a pale lilac than a blue colour and

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** There is not the wisest Phisicion liuynge, but that I (beynge an

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connected by filaments. The result is a kind of star rosette. They occur along with the

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widow, a course of action which, in public health matters in this country, usuiiUy has the

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Has such a condition been previously reported ' With one exception we can find

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I caught a violent cold and neglected it} a spitdng of blood,

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examination of the urine for pigment by Urriola"s method might have cleared up the

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place, and let others see this. Accordingly Prior Batmanson — ^who

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