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and both dying, the mother showing signs of the disease one month after her son's death.
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60 BOORDe'6 6TH LETTER, FHOH LEITH. 1 APRIL, 1536. [§ 86.
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An Essay on Inflammation of the Cornea. By James Paxton, 861
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of special granules or bodies in the extra-nuclear cytoplasm of certain of the mononuclear Bodies in
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All persons are hereby challenged to disprove the fact, and
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MacWatters,' namely, frequent bathings with a lotion containing sodium citrate, 1-5 per
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there. Such inspections as I made confirmed his statement. I was forced to believe
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cell from which the flagellum arises retains for a short time its original conical shape.
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These granules were found lying free in clusters (Plate IV., tig. 3)T
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what effects the drug "606" had produced on the Leishman parasites. Accordingly, a
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each, and are either pear or somewhat spindle-shaped. There is also another free form
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various faecal organisms present ; and in order to do this satisfactorily, the tube containing
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present in all specimens examined. There was about one parasite per film. The length
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close together. One so-called oblong form measured 6'75^ in length by 3^ in breadth,
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in the tissues and lying free. In both situations the tendency to form clumps is very ■■clumps"
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the extract from Torkington's Pilgrimage in the Notes.
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