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stronger. She had four evacuations, and took therefore 10 drops
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Tubercle nodules were not present nor were any giant cells seen. Sections were stained by
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all inwardea of Leeatea. FyBshe, and egges, & mylke,
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agony, or to Bpraulo with /Ae legges out of the beii :
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part affected, and rubbed mercurial ointment into the thigh. By
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temperatures prevailing in the Sudan, this change may occur, at least to some extent,
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the Inspector's main duty to prevent, to keep in check, and to abolish.
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be more Iiolsomer than they the which be in poolcs,
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comfortable to the heode and to the hort*. IT Soden
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WE want read Sir Havelock Charles's brilliant paper to the tropical medicine section at
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2. The disease runs an acute course, and chronic cases were not met with.
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si derdUe time, on very amail quantities of food, has been fong
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in all types of lymphoid mononuclears, possess what is called a metachromatic staining mononuclears
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l-evers of Here is a case which seems worth recording as the temi)erature chart (No. 8) is interesting.
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in Sin)^a Hospital. Ei^lit more Abyssinians lived with the above and all were examined.
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the parasites of these genera are known to have as their hosts various insects and biting
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polent Pryneeand/ valyeBlLorda'nio-/maaDukoo(/NorlhIo!ke. ISf : J^"
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scua 1 wrott to your mast^rshepp from burdyuse by )ie s«ruantt oS
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sation in a part of diat covering; in a day or two a cluster of
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9ame quandtjr of the oxyorariate of mercury was added to two
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evidence of Leishmaniosis although parasites were never found in them.
tliose common to all cases of j)yre.\ia, i.f. headache, with pains in tlie back and limbs;
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troublesome t^ day, seldoas or never disturbrng him by night.
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mononuclear leucocyte. One megaloblast and two normoblasts were found to be present.
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In part this is due to apathy, in part to the habit of obedience inculcated in those living
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Inspector, and I had relied too implicitly on the Inspector, and meanwhile the north
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into English by Heary Lyte, Eaquyer, 1578," it is stat«iJ in the deecrip-
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consuetude of the burgh, and ia convict thereof she sail paj
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some of the red cell forms are of the nature of these peculiar polar bodies. So far as
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On November 8, 2 gramme of " 606," in liquid paraffin, was injected into the
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quantity of urine once a week^ and he understood this to be the
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Twelve monkeys were used in the experiments. Eight were infected witii kala-a/ar. In
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gluteus maximus muscle. In the evening the temperature fell two degrees lower than that
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I cannot give you figures, but there can be no doubt the birth-rate is high, and the sight
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a fine slimy deposit was found adherent to its inner surface. This deposit was not
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