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^Kynges of Englande doth halowe euery yere Crampe Cr«mp-Ring«
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and motionless, killed outright by the drug. Some look and move like ordinary
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It onj^t to be remarked, that in all my patienta there was an
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arriving at some conclusion as to the purity or otherwise of the water-supplies for which he
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power ia but small. Ue kepeth no house, lyueth priuatcly, b
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since the commencement of her complaints. As soon as the
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The v^niueraitie' of Saleme, where physick [is] practysed univenity of
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I assure all the worlde, that I had lathor goe .v. times to Rome outo
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With ' great elys, and also grent walkes : 8 «i>. "Jid «hci
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walnuts ; the mountajTis ia very bnryn of al maner of
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totea, of eyther .ii. vnccs, of white vinegar .ii. vnces, of Auripigment
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as it is difficult to place them and they might confuse otlier observers. On the whole
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lette VB eato & dryncke tyll it bee daye. My mayster shall not winne so
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A very great deal is due to our Sanitary Inspectors. I sometimes think that w-heu a
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was ' Goexteutiive, or nearly so, with the wealds in Sussex, Sent, and
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from oil action of right and claim. In witness of which thing I have
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according to his method in kala-azar cases. As he was anxious to test the effect of the
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appetyde; wherfore let a man eate peper with it. The
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folow for good wyne & bred.* in Nauerne theyr spech
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butt only to yow. wlien I cam to london owtt of skotlond, and put
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spleen, but one liver puncture and two spleen punctures, have so far given negative
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Lerte can not be ^ pleaaed : yf the herte & mynde be
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For example, to take two recent instances, I would cite the papers on blackwater
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otrete / at the sygne of the Eose garland by / Robert Coplande."
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a proceeding which Deaderiok emphatically condemns, the little dancing particles of blood-
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great piers and their arches were completed before he died in 1514. The
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midst. Its insidiousness is only equalled by its virulence, though fortunately antitoxin
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what we call filth. Thanks to this human manure, the soil in China is still as youthful
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disappointing. Very few were found and those that were found showed no signs of
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KurlofE's bodies ... 78, 123; PI. VI. {lb), faciny 112
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dierefore necessary to remark, that I have hdd no distinct
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winter of 1908-9, I came across the above condition. The goat was one that had come
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iu till' spread nf tlio disease. It is true, however, that more dis,sectious are reniiired, for one should not
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courteyse ; amyable to a atraunger, and desyrous with curtesie to winne