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been incubated for not more than 18 hours, three to five platinum loopfuls are removed ^^'^^\
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Thp granules (ii) If ticks containing granules are kept in the incubator, at 37° C, in the manner
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of his Works I have hero reprinted the two that seem to me the
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alkemy,' and bras. In gold tliey hauo crownes ; & al
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by you lyne Bltynnos of whyte lambe & blacke lambe,
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dyuera impedmentes besyde sclaunderynge and lyenge, 1^ which is ■
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is full of fai'tillito, and there ia much pych, and Tor, and
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the sun under moist conditions and its effects when the climate is dry. It is only in the
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use owing to the unsightly and destructive deposit of iron mould on linen and other fabrics. Moreover, it is
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use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help.
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of llealth, — In this boke named ' the Extra uagant^* ' I haue supplied i
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sailed from Uiie place on the 16th of Jvdy, 1535." — Robertson's
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in 1527] was displeasaunt to many in Englande (as you have hard),
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iKghttwitdMswereoftcQifett, after AiaiioTiokmwvaiiaQ took
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ordinary fresh mixtures of fajces and water, Lactin terogenes is not particularly common.
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collie, alowe, and slacko ot dygeatyon. The best water R*in-nur
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He drinks the milk, and afler wards eats the young kernel, which is in the
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postella with 9 English and Scotch men ^vhom he met :
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side, coming on about every four months and lasting 24 bonis; he has bad these attacks
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Boonle. " And they know well enouf^lie thcmseliua / that there lie of the
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annual, of which, when young, the leaves are used as a salad
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languages, antJ to hnobj tljr bsagc anl fasljion o£
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piler of what Mr Dyce, in bis Skelton'a Works, vol. i, p. xix, cidls ' that
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doctor an En-/gl^h6 man of the vni-/veraite of Ox-/forde." Over
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,'Fn>M thcBc czperijneiits we nugr ooiiclQde,duitflerMit}r tam^
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Her pulse, on the 10th, had risen to ISO, but she complanned
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1st, Udaka mehe. — UdaAa in Sanscrit and Pali signifies wa-^
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in Gijcloapiira cari/oli/tica in the mole, which this coccidium seems closely to resemble
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doth eato soniwhat, altlioughe there bo olde fantaatycoll
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for the saniu yearcly, both golde, and siluer, and other cotnodities : and
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Mcret corners of oar torrests for veneson, of the aire for fbulet;
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monk and priest, and signed himself 'prest' in 1537. Tho lose of
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temperature and favourable nidus, the organisms in the river water were multiplying in situ, ^j.^^^.,^ j,^ g^u
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movement. The slight alterations of shape which may occur in its contour, however,
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other, the wyld Iiysh. The English pale ia a good conn-
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Kajo-Kaji, district, hills of. Tsetse-fly found in 40
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better than eoddcn; frycd egges be nought; Ducko- Pried igeim
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" No. 1. Depth, 100 metres. Upjxir strata cut off to a depth of GoJ metres.
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and the shorter one from the kinetonueleus. The protoplasm is vacuolated. The
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In all 219 villages were visited and 2,100 miles covered by camel and river.
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■worke the ferynll dayes, refraynyngo tbem from vyco puni^w™
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viiputryfycd. And of all thyngea let the buttery, tho umaihn
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is not far to seek and is due to the above-mentioned infestation. Moreover, the great
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the honey which was carried to market after having been eaten by