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IT Eoosmaiy is good for palses,^ and for the fallynge

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Professor Minchin suggests that this stage takes place before any symptoms are seen

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was very furred and conjunctivie sliglitly congested. Temperature 101 !■'. On ])alpation,

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4. Fish must be kept in the main gudwals, and the latter must be re-stocked witli

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Successful have somewhat diminished, there being 3,200 white cells. A second liver puncture gave

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condition remained the same till May 21, 1910, when the fever became more irregular,

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contmuance of the retching; that the bowels were soon after

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some were comparatively of an enormous size, one measuring 34ji( Ijy 39/( being found

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Ostend atmosphere, with certain winds, the chief part of it is

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Ufiiii, ill relation to Bacteria iu Water-supplies,

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w.wiihng is safferondc;^ I prayae it not. I do loue manchet

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Horrocks and Howell' describe as being about one-eighth the size of a red corpuscle,

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propriated to the Master of the Hospital of St GUes's, by Lord Lisle, 1

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quanfitjr. eannot he aseertained, because it is «qc y ra c ti c able to

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Officers of the University of Pennsylvania, - - - Md.

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it appears to me that the cattle both at Wau and at Kodok, which appeared to have rinder-

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was evident, but at most points there still persisted a considerable layer of the rete.

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illustrated by a passage in Mr W. C. Hazlitt's Early Popular Poetry^

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Bom at Boord's Hill, in Holms daylo (Authority, Ptirc{irinatio7t,

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that theyr money is onely gold &, syluer, but only Eng- only Roid and

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any Chrysten man hath ; — and noble physycyons I haue r^ VxMwn

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circumstances, to medical practitioDers, the utility of bleeding

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to attempt it and partly because it appeared unnecessary.

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be more Iiolsomer than they the which be in poolcs,

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another genttenan, when passing through Staflbrdshire,la8t sum*

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God ia well eerued in thcyr churclica; and there be Tin (Wii im d*.

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The Btory of tlio sack of corn and the horse wtdch Mr T. Wright

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Scotch, among whom Boorde had lived, he didn't much like : they

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Thuradar aftfr Triolty Sunda; [a moveable mtnnieT feMt-da)'] in honour of the

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abscess below the outer canthus of his left eye. This contained pus and was evacuated.

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