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Until recently the Sanitary Inspectors had to undertake the poisoning of stray dogs,
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heat. When serosity has beenevaporaled, the whole isnotagun
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situated by itself. The large l.iody, to which the four small ones had by this time formed a kind of tail, impinged
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into the " after phase," but as there is often no sign of tick infestation upon them, as
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wyll yowse flatteryng wordes, & all ys fal[s]holde.* I suppose, veryly,
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Jf)fil 26. Bodies present in considerable numliers. It seems scarcely possible that they had been missed
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Tliix tabic slwuld hr coadiiiiai, and read in alphrdidirad xrqiii;irr, irilh that an pra/r 284
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(p. 154). Cologne he calls a noble city, the Rliine a fair water,
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theyre religion, whom all the religion in thia realme dotlio ei<teme
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were negative, no kala-azar parasites being found. We recognise that the number of dogs
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precincts of the town from outside, or being conveyed into it by steamers or boats.
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1617 Accused of being conversant with women (Letter VII, p. C2).
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wealth might waxe vile : wherfore the reate of the bretbem doa ri!"!!!! L
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come of euyll dyet, and Uite drynkynge, and great surfotynge,
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As has been said, there was originally no reliable information regarding the geological
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wytbin Til' arioiale balbo lyen a eeasouinge, some .20. yoaro, some ,40.
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Very large spleens were always and only found in chronic cases ; the very acute having
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idimrti I do vse inartee, dyuera tyraes in the j'ero ;
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lent me hia copy, and it proved to be a complete one of the edition
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new faihf oD« to Eagload I do bprjueiiii." Wiliion, spcBking of
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this medium, there being no turbidity but a formation of whitish granules at the
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John Iewin, private dragoon, admined on the 6th October.
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Mr. Williams showed that the 500 cubic feet of free air passing per minute through the cylinders was probably
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never seen or heard mentioned the reason of the name.
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clearly not derived from pfecisely the same source as in the case of the other wells. This is evident from its
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Neisser's dots which in the majority of the rods were bipolar.
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^ f ratinoe also AB. ' from Upoott ; ' halfe karalles karalle ' AB.
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the Crown and by Cromwell, to whom he Bd<lre»aed aeverol leltera prewrved
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He sqra, ^Tbia anethod of treating the bites of mad animals, if
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