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On March 5, the patient was discharged from hospital and returned to duty.

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to yield these cocci for some time, although he became to all appearance perfectly well.

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to which I shaH add, that I lived at Ostend near seven years',

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yet according to the quantities of each that are *added together,

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granule to the large "spore" form seen. Small and large forms together in the same corpuscle.

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proceeding thereafter as far as Kobe, at the north end of Lake Albert. At that time

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p. 171, 'Greece;' Ch. 23, p. 175, 'Italy;' and Ch. 24, p. 181,

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cuntortioii or are, so t(.i speak, shaking themselves to and fro. Indeed 1 cannot give

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Egyptian Army, an Egyptian fellah from the village of Ben Abied, in the Mudirich of

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of them have left the villages, and the remainder wish to go. This has been arranged for.

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no, I pasae oner, but I was ehreuen of bym, — and after

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no serious objection can he raised from a purely clieniical point of view.


nearly the eame condition of body aa when ehe commenced her

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ia nat good to labour in it, to open the pores'^ to let in

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At the dme of writing diis note, he enjoys good health, ak

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I'rotttlwrance nf the Ahdainen. In thirteen out of the twenty-two cases the abdomen was

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