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even made him sign an agreement, and landed him on the spot, which are his friends
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affected to cure the King's Evil ; at least in Uie MS. above quoted there is no
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visible in the lesion. A further examination of this lesion, carried out a week later, was
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Janiiarij./ [nmidcKt o/ an oftronomer.'] Imprint : Imprinted by / me Tbomoa
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by Houston, Savage, Jordan and others^ as, with due restrictions, a reliable test of purity
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tumours are about as numerous as in the brother's. Her husband shows no sign of
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p. 239. Dovfhoute.—Tho Norfolk and Suffolk rebela under
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proved, on section and staining by Mayer's hfemalum, to lie areas of necrosis, the condition being like that
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cleaner struck work. Conservancy was at a standstill. The strike occurred at night.
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in the bed of bluish shale saprophytic organisms might successfully combat the pathogenic,
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Jltff. Stat. Ob. ii. BT.' At tlitt lalWr rolerence, W Sept. 1GT9, is, ' H. Denhain,
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were stagnant water pools in the neighbourhood of the villages scourged by the epidemic.