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have I any reason to believe that it was a consequence of irregu-
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per 1 c.c. and true ' Hagiuac ' JS. coli was present in 1 c.c. of the water.
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Churche of saint Andrcus is the fairist and the gretest Q™ndp.itof
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1 goM thei haue duccates, in eyluer they haue lulys,-
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encountered these changes in blood films examined at room temperature, at least when
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theyr calues, and theyr come the whyche ia not sowen, i. stii iii pnaaa
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He or his editors confuse the layman's tract on which Pikrker's Defence of
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First offence, Forfeiture of Goods. Second offence. Forfeiture of Half. 1
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case until I had more evidence regarding Dr. Wenyon's hypothesis.
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reason to believe he observed religiously, and ordered hepatiaed
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the house was absent," she said, " and we must not intrude." It was explained to her
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stowed there, but also for the grcatuessc and excellent good proporciou
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like the poor, is always present to some extent, and there is a terrible infantile mortality,
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Tropics. Until recently, records of bacteriological investigations of water-supplies in in water
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18. Cap of extruded chromatin seen flattened between parasite and containing cell
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Death frequently i-esults in the case of fowls in the "after phase," or as one may now free spiro-
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easily found in similar amounts taken from taps at various points on the pipe system
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(1653. John Taylor, A short Relation of a long lovmey, p. 14.)
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s])irochutes which are not moving in the usual way but are in a state of violent
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emulsion of spleen pulp the parasite, especially in the latter situation, is often seen free
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submitted to, but to oblige the mmUter^ and for nobody in the
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It may be stated that one was somewhat diffident in naming the condition botryomy-
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9th. The pulse was 96, regular and firm; she had slight cough;
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IT The .xxi. Chapytre treatelh of fruytea. (p. 282)
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hauo inordioale excessc with superflultie : they were temperate.
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Banbery; A Treatise otherwise called, barnes in the de-
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Enormous numbers of flagellated bodies were obtained from soil, liut their Fiaseiiated
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intereat to the treatment adopted in the successful case, as it
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beneficial. What tropical resident has not, at times, dreaded the molten mass mounting
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and bras they haue radet Wycaopbenjngs worthe ^al- i>bi».i,™j«.
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diagnosis by splenic puncture. The writer is well aware this procedure is open to ^P'^
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quite characteristic and it is not likely that the Sudan disease differs from the Egyptian.
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temperatures prevailing in the Sudan, this change may occur, at least to some extent,
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the Inspector's main duty to prevent, to keep in check, and to abolish.
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be more Iiolsomer than they the which be in poolcs,
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comfortable to the heode and to the hort*. IT Soden
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WE want read Sir Havelock Charles's brilliant paper to the tropical medicine section at
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2. The disease runs an acute course, and chronic cases were not met with.
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si derdUe time, on very amail quantities of food, has been fong
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in all types of lymphoid mononuclears, possess what is called a metachromatic staining mononuclears
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l-evers of Here is a case which seems worth recording as the temi)erature chart (No. 8) is interesting.
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in Sin)^a Hospital. Ei^lit more Abyssinians lived with the above and all were examined.
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the parasites of these genera are known to have as their hosts various insects and biting
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