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of it, the disease itself deriving the name of botryomycosis from the resemblance

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In Case 3, the ova of T.vnin nana were constantly present in the stools and tiie ova

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He was now in a somewhat asthenic state, due doubtless to septic absorption. Many

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account of its connection with Boorde, reprinted at tha end of thU

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very kindly furnished me with the following particulars regarding his pony. It is an Abyssinian

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* saliva would continue to be regularly supplied, since the flow of

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was profuse. The medicine was desisted ftom, and astringent

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chemical and bacteriological examination. At the same time I set on foot some enquiries

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f For tho Kybes beware that the Snows do nat come to the

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March 26. Spirochfetes were once more present, though not in large numbers. Several were, to all

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^a£ advantage was gained^ for the head immediately dropped

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but better it is to lay your hande, ot your bed-felowea

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On the 12th, the pulse varied from 112 to 12a SQght cough

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On the 15th and 16th the pulse was 84, and of gck>d strength;

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» Statham, J. C. B. (December, 1910), "A Small Outbreak of Fever due to Bacteria having Unusual

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to receive the toddy, which is removed morning and evening. When first

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tumor had totally disappeared; and were divided in our ideas

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The disease was br : .! • • - • - :h P ._.a,.i m ilit- time of the ^ilahdi. and,

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It is proposed in the present paper to discuss the condition generally, to give the

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the arm she had lost, was very troublesome; and the patient

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bathes, and euory momyng after keymyng of the head, wypo the face

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put I thowth to vysett fo sayd reuerend iaper [the Master of the

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4. That cdli ciimiaiDii!! even in large numbers, in a huge volume of water, disa))pear

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51 Ef-ipt is a coimLrey ioynwl to lury ; ■gjt*'"'"'"

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into MSS, and spelling into words, and has rendered him a wonder and

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