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small, actively motile organism of the nature of a cocco-bacillus. Stained preparations

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a few of these contained streptococci and bacilli of different kinds, two chief bacterial infection by a

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the Dutch (p. 149) — great drinkers, and also eat froga' loins,

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fidence of its containing a fluid. It filled the pelvis so completely,

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A careful examination failed to reveal tiie presence of ascites.

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in parasites after a single injection with orsudan (vide Plate VIII., figs. 19-22).

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I have frequently heard natives say that spleen puncture, even in cases of malarial

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(iii) The resistant organisms or those capable of resisting the action of sunlight for

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coumadin side effects skin rash

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curious bodies representatives of the flora of the intestinal tract.

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It may, however, be as well to make mention of a few recent and little known

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red cells. If the serum was stained as a result of hsemolysis, it was always discarded.

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Until recently the Sanitary Inspectors had to undertake the poisoning of stray dogs,

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First and foremost stands malaria. An Inspector has scarcely settled down before

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