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Christophers (1905). — "On a parasite found in persons suffering from enlargement of the spleen, in India."

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adonit, inulin, Voges and Proskauer — ) is probably the commonest organism found in

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of the said late hospital), and the orchard and garden to the same belonging

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sycke men ; wherfore I do aduertyee euery man not to set lytle by

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Relapsing fever modern sanitary methods. Eelapsing fever figures for the first time. The original cases

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fume ahrode in the chambers, & the hall, and other

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From all the information obtainable, undoubtedly the weight of evidence is in favour "''Endemic

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cyons, or some otbot cause, ascend to the gryfe* of the

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and for six months, I lived on milk and vegetables. I tasted

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dining-room ceiling, and Tudor badges are about it. I may therefore