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Archie, de I'lnst. Past, de Tunis, 1910, ii., ^j. 49.

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cycle of schizogony starts, just as it starts under natural conditions if the leucocytes or the

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case of the horse parasite, are not visible. I have had no opportunity of staining by any

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* Burdti is nlw) an early word for ' table,' and Boorde odc for joke, play,

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prevailing there, and which, as already stated ^/w'/c 252^, escaped detection for a time.

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& expuUe all corrupt & contogyoua ayre, loke in tha

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As much stress has been laid on the proof aiibfded by the watdi*

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in a jar containing Lijywi mililaris, the fsEces of which were full of flagellates. After three or

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of against all oatward enimiea, waa the lale prince of famous memorie,

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liquid drank, and the variation of quantity oti'the days of bath*

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The ferry-hoat had no helm, and she and the steamer went waltzing down stream,

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In some of the fatal cases the organs examined by the Levaditi method, and more

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of the islands of the Canaries and of Maitigo . ." Aim from

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indices, could scarcely be taken for the infective granules. It is highly probable that these

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nor I neuor dyJ ytt : tho matter ys, ihat I s/iold l-e conuereaiU imth

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broke water, the which is clere, roimyng on piblea and

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In the blood of cattle especially, platelets may assume strange shapes suggestive

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viscua & coldo, and alacke of digestyon, and doth not

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("fArchinma Is the greko worde, Tn englysho it ia named the sickones I

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Pathological material was also sent by Captain Thomson from cases seen by him

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innn but ho wyll oxchewo ' this inconuenyence, & wjD

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that they did not represent the condition of things in nature, Clemesha in India obtained

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ato Pfci a }wtg ettould8pt<(dilj-pl>y the Rfaetoncian, and apeak ale<(aent1y,

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Historij : — The ow-ner of the horse, Mr. L. Landon, of the Sudan Irrigation Service, Filaria in ai

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serve as breeding-places for the house-fly, and not only the excretal masses themselves,

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skyn, and let me haue the flcsshe. I am sure it is a tak« the deei't

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bare ; wherfore I do counceylt cuory man to prouyde

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feronae sauour.* & certayue tymes it is good, lo be Tsed

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from it naturally, and of special interest is the fact that in them the corpuscular inclusions

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sA strap was so attached, that it could be readily twistedf

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than would otherwise have been required* Thb cure is .slated

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pushing it from him at the same time in a gende manner, ac-

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the results obtained might materially assist the medical officer of health in the Tropics in

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this translation, though it was entered in Bohn'a Lowndes, with