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the lunga and surface of the body, which we ascertained, beyond
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the sttccessfiil pracdce he had the merit of intfx:dociiig^ in
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of Ida stay at Poictiprs and Wittenburg (if any), ho haa left no
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from Pinta, as did the absence of any fungus in samples of the scales examined by
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"2. Bactcriologically, Wells Nos. 1, G and 7 have yielded a satisfactory supply.
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3. The feeding of uninfected ticks on chicks showing bodies only in their peripheral
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Gaflcony is a comniodiouae country, for ther is plenty om«ii».
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T. nanum. The pony was then treated with arsenic and was sent for re-examination on
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many fynnes, be more holsomer thau We fresahe-water
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and ridges projecting from it, these latter representing the secondary growths which have
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^a£ advantage was gained^ for the head immediately dropped
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IT Rape rootes, yf they be well boy led, they do ^ iup«e.
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LIvffua is the latin woide. In greke it is named Oloimi, or Glolla,
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rendered the London Charter-house into Henry's hands. (By the
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a mans bely, whiche be to say, lumbrici, ascarides, and ^
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the processes themselves are different in their nature.
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\nA increased, tiie paioxysms became less frequent and more
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I v/erily believe, had the subsequent treatment not been adopted,
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only one not quite spherical in shape, and the only one of the four exhibiting motility. Some spirochfetes were
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The tumours are said to be in some instances many inches in diameter, and have never
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"surely the nature of the Frenchmen is, not to lubor long in figbt-
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hcabfa as any man of hb years, that I hope I am warranted in
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Bovidw, and their probnhlc Patholoyical Significance. London.
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the disease respectively, while in Case IV. the blood culture was not undertaken till the
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to and from it, or hu'd better not build a house at all (]>. 234) ; he
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reprehensyon. These matters hero nede not' to ba re-
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Thus, it is probable that this organism represents a more recent, and therefore a more
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2. That staphylococcic skin lesions, however chronic, are curable by its means.
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June 8. Heavy body infection. Duiible and multiple infectiun of red cells not unconinion. This gri"l""".V
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South Africa on a spirochaete strain, which would appear to be the same as that with which
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when free they do not appear to stain, at least with any certaioty, by Eomanowsky.
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fully dilated, and the membranes ruptured, strong labour pains,
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twenty-four hours gave neither an acid nor an alkaline reaction.
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not only did they conduct the ordinary bacteriological and chemical examinations of these
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lity, was Well qualified fer the purpose. When it was known diat
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Curious Plate VII., fig. 7, shows an appearance noted in a polychromatophilic red cell from
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Hon. 8. But that matter being irksome to many in those days, waa '
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Archaeological Society for 1861 (vol. xiii, p. 262) — and I suppose