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The preflagellate stage in Leishman-stained specimens are small, oval, pyriform
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good blood, and for this cause they be good fur Buche as hare the
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Observations on tumours within the pelvis, occasioning
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lar action of the digestive organs, as Mr. Abemethy surmises.
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and from salte meates and shell fyshes. I do eate no grosse meates,
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same type as that in the British soldiers. A very thorough search all over the irrigated
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passing from the anterior to the posterior end. The two cells lie adjacent to each other, '•'^ kineto-
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is more common, it becomes detached from the lining membrane of the gut and is a
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R brand, haue these aforesaid infyrmytes : 'new bred, stale
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helth, whiche is pryntjd at Wyllyam iljdyltons in flet atrot,"
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duatoo of this paper, and give you the cases as they appear .in
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dpitate was formed, which fell to the bottom in considerable
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Rayd bokea ; and ao, amongo many thjnges, they desyred to knowe
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Omnibus Christi fidelibus ad quos prsesens scriptum pervenerit,
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people put their trust and confidence onely in God. And this raine wag
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were put down to Skelton that he never wrote ; may not those and
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li. diphtheriie appeared after 248-hours' growth on agar, and were marked in a
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Tf the sycke man wes eytker and sycker, that there is
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which wordes they went to the lustice, he syttyng nt
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best mcdecine that I do knowo is, to lette the matter alone, and
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SECOND REPORT, 1906. Contains results of fresh researches on a great number of
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imperative to take more stringent measures. Every zeer, barrel and similar receptacle
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' Row, R. (1909), " Developineut iit Flagellated Organisms from the Piiriisitc of 'Oriental Sore.'"
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The people of the country be ewarte, and doth go dis-
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IT Conys flesshe is good, but rabettes^ flesshe is Rabufs fleeh.
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"t^ Tho best remedy that I do knows is to vse purgadon^
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it was not possible to carry out cultivation experiments. The grains, however, were
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irilbe dihgent, and wyll do al maner of aeruice ; but
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1—4, XlOOO^;Viw.; 5-6. xSOO tf/nm.; 7. x ISOO ///Viw. : !*-12, x2000f//rt'/
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dilionally to tbe King of Prussia, Bazaine and tho Army of the Bhine
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In the first place, the bacteriology of earth known to be heavily polluted with liuiiiaii
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puncture, the parasites are scanty and difficult to find. There is definite evidence that the Rapid
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The alimentary diverticula and contents exhibited no granules or spirocha-tes. rerhajjs this was duo to
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alkemy,' and bras. In gold tliey hauo crownes ; & al
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many hundred yearee knowne by the name a! Holy' Well, but it is more
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October tiie patient was sent to Kliartoum as a possible case of kala-azar. Tlie sjileen
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and was shown quickly over the house by Mrs Macadam. The
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* past time, orig, ' I lake Barnes's book to bo of Ihe year 1612 or lBi3.
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