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Other points rehiting to the bodies and tlieir eoiuieetion with the spirochiete infection

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L. tropica, and do not require special and detailed description. Practically all the forms

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and had their fiist house at Witham in Somersetshire. Their habit

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An account of the salutary effects of Marsh Miasmata in

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Thomas became the progenitors of the two branches settled respectively at

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blowen into the nose, dolho make quycke at«rautacions. But in this

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developed after inoculation but where iuoeulatiou was followed solely, so far as could l;e

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Englysh man, and whore Inline is moat vsed. (p. 209) I

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of Henry VIII, on May 3, 1542. It was intended to have a second

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brought in tlie Crucifixe out of the Vestrie, and layd it upon the Cushion

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therefore, were made to pass over, and in some degree com-

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she passed the who|e night in most severe labour, without the

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be TBCd in the pestyferoua tymo of (Ae pestileiice Si tha Bwetyng

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other from liver puncture, but in these two cases such a svringe and needle had been '^^" 'y*"^

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of a pleasant humour ; reproving hia conntiymen'a vices, and ridicul-

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was discontinued, and the following mixture substituted,

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Turkish ; ita capital, Constantinople, and its St Sophia's tlie fail

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spirocha;tal blood, and bodies only appeared, and then one inoculated this chick's blood into

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state, are digeated in boiling water, the fluid ia rendered brDW%

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in the red cells. True there are indications that this occurs but the mechanism of develop-

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Alice Lambe, living at the Chriattipher inn in the said city. But

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Purification adopted." Studies from Institute for Medical Research, Federated Malay States, Vol. III., Part II.

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diis operation may be performed with little hazard, under cir-

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S5f A.— -She had slept soundly, and snd she felt herself com«

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a^ the maryed women. For in some placeaof Ilalye. Epociallie

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