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described in Indian kala-azar and in infantile kala-azar. The parasites were sometimes

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God, and the worldo, & his conscynce ; And to re- n

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stained as mentioned above, are greenish in colour, generally show a black dot in their

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Bonth whIm ii North Wales, and South Wales. South Wales ia betta ]

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rapid growth of the larger organism. Plate cultures failed to separate out the two

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Widal reactions with It h/filidKiis and li. /iiu-dti/iilinitux gave negative results.

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megaly, constant fever, and cpdema of the feet. He did fairly well, and had periods

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thynge that doth injjender rowine Bo mocbe as doth the

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"All we claim to have established," he says, "is, that in any naturally occurring

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.\fnrch 1. More early granule forms to-day. Not many "spore" forms. Multiple infection still jwrsists.

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1521 Diapenaed from Religion by the Pope's Bull, that ho might

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colde ahoute the mydell, speeyolly aboute the raynes

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" Ferguson, A. R., and Richards, Owen (.Tuly 2.o, 1910), " Parasitic Granuloma." Annnh nf Tropical

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shoulder growth had been frequently punctured It is possible they are a form of

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irf Febt^arf I Doctor High auKle the fUkiwiag ttpont

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of wliich is a jerky, wriggling motion, with the flagella end forward, the latter vibrating

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2. The lesions show themselves clinically under two forms, one a slightly raised,

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world for phisicions and sui^ons. I can not gene to

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^ One thing I am sure of, that if Guide were nowe aline, there be in

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Qods, that they renne si. Gwyft that no inau can posse

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calamite, of eche a drame and a half ; confect'^aU thene"

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rion. And if one wyll, ho may rub the jMioiont witli the rotes of

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cycle of schizogony starts, just as it starts under natural conditions if the leucocytes or the

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case of the horse parasite, are not visible. I have had no opportunity of staining by any

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* Burdti is nlw) an early word for ' table,' and Boorde odc for joke, play,

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prevailing there, and which, as already stated ^/w'/c 252^, escaped detection for a time.

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& expuUe all corrupt & contogyoua ayre, loke in tha

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As much stress has been laid on the proof aiibfded by the watdi*

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in a jar containing Lijywi mililaris, the fsEces of which were full of flagellates. After three or

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of against all oatward enimiea, waa the lale prince of famous memorie,

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liquid drank, and the variation of quantity oti'the days of bath*

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The ferry-hoat had no helm, and she and the steamer went waltzing down stream,

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