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scured by Upcott's woodcutter, who evidently thought the break in the

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paper, by quoting from portions of my final report to the Sudan Government on the

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Balantidia are usually associated in man with pathological conditions, producing

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tondomo, I must retume from Ilygh Almayn, & epeke of

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The animal died and the post mortem examination revealed nothing of note. The

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blue. The majority, however, had centres more of a pale lilac than a blue colour and

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** There is not the wisest Phisicion liuynge, but that I (beynge an

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connected by filaments. The result is a kind of star rosette. They occur along with the

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widow, a course of action which, in public health matters in this country, usuiiUy has the

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^ this dftesse wem feR in the dbtribntSon of the portiodara cf

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Has such a condition been previously reported ' With one exception we can find

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I caught a violent cold and neglected it} a spitdng of blood,

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examination of the urine for pigment by Urriola"s method might have cleared up the

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place, and let others see this. Accordingly Prior Batmanson — ^who

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Fifth Letter to Cromwell, p. 58, below, written late in 1535, or early

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The needle was wholly withdrawn as soon as blood appeared beyond its butt, the blood

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■ Anatimie of Ahutei, p. UI-S, ed. 1836, quoted in mj Balladt from i!S3

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and true basophilic punctation. A few normoblasts were also present. I put these

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wyse not to go, nor to take any" open ayer. For auche

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native woman. I took the photographs at Wau. The patient was under the care of

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seen alternately advancing and receding down the flagellum for about a third of its length.

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patea. if thcr bo any gospel red, or song of sajnt Mark,

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into the " after phase," but as there is often no sign of tick infestation upon them, as

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that, bacteriologically, the samples of well-water examined were just about four times as bad."

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* Hilgermann, R. (1909), " Der Wert des Bacillus coli Befuudes zur Beurteiling der Reiuheit eines Wassers."

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large mononuclear leucocytes. None of the temperatures were affected by (juinine.

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which suggested either a granular structure of the bodies or was evidence that they were

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amale pecee ; in gold they haao ctuaadoa worth tM aamom,

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mmisttacion of phisicke, that Galen, princo of phifliciona, in Iub '

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and B noble cytic colled CUpron, and n regal castyl called sieinununge'r.

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' *'The villein," says Ck>ke, on Littleton, fol. 120 b, ** is called regardant

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tempted to raise it. The reaistance was nrther oonsiderable,

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* Sue The ExtrauagOBUii, orBCcOod Part of The Brenyary,

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Out of ten colonies of lactose fermenters present in (1) the rising Nile there were :—

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length and more, and let it l)o aa great as a mans fyuger, and vith it

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92 to 108; and ahe fek pretty well. On the 88th, the edges of

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% I W' 13 borne iu Guljke ; In Luke I was broiiglit vp ;

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These large cells, over extensive areas, are very numerous, and constitute the principal

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