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as specific entities. As I only found them in one film out of the four sent, it occurred

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oetvedt that it must be equally freqiiea^ on the continent of

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'* Hale, P. B., and Melia, T. W. (August 24, 1910), "Studies on Inhibition, Attenu.ation and Rejuven.-ition

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' Tho 2iid your of Hoary Vlll'a roign »a» from 1510 to 1511,— JVi«i/n«.

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of lung or heart disease. Spleen enlarged one inch below the costal margin. Liver not "suspected"

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I take this to mean that Boorde was then in the London Charter-house,

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ad. Tbc cckbratcd Or* Fothergill publishes a case of hydra-

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and the state of cultivation ronnd Columbo,is not produced in

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iKghttwitdMswereoftcQifett, after AiaiioTiokmwvaiiaQ took

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myso, ratios, and snaylcs resortetli vnto, lye not in

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ed ' him; and I added, that since her physician and even her

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feronae sauour.* & certayue tymes it is good, lo be Tsed

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pails, quite a big business (Fig. 84). An eye has to be kept on the conservancy animals,

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tiiul it interesting to speculate upon them, and for such 1 would contrast the marked

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milk vendors station. There the milk will be measured, and samples taken for analysis from time to

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those met with in fusiform bacilli. Their cytoplasm stains a deep blue and in the long

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off matter, butt only by them, & they wolde cause mo wrett full in-

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of August. Experiment VI. three months later. One gramme of feeces was taken and added

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to make certain if Professor Nuttall's interesting parasites are really, as he thinks,

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feado nat of freahe befe, eate no sbell fyshes, beware of Samon &

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vnder the colours of the truB8ery of the Ambassadours. . . . The young

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ynge this, and weke of faith and afeard, crossed my selfe, and durst

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eyes, tho tounge, and the etomacke, with many other

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to do yiilh me & ytt what ytt shall plese yow ; desyeryng yow to

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hoade of a bowse mnat ouor-ae that they the which bo

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* Compnni the deecription of the Kpaniali women's heads in

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ova of a large number of infected bugs were examined and in no case were herpetomonads f-ys"'"^ "ot

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consider as the vesicles described by Crawley {page 118j, though it seems to me impossible

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