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I may say that they were led to believe that the sandstone layers belong to the

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about 12 years. The eldest sister is married and has three girls, all healthy. The second

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man to make water ; but they doth make and increase

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giamsor Leaniod Men, and to write a Ilistory of France; but he left only

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27tb.— 4She slept tolerably well, but in the morning felt weak,

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meni^ that are detailed in this paper. !• The serosity of the blood

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quantity of urine once a week^ and he understood this to be the

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p. 74. ' keptB B. ' CotiH(Biio].lp A : Conalantinopln B.

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or subacute exacerbations, it is not surprising that a prolonged fever of syphilitic origin may

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Cliappoll erected over it called Saint Winirrid's Chappell, which ii

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person connected with CoL-*-«-; but I must leave to the fiicul^

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Practically all the cases found came from this area,

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V Butter [is] • made of crajme, and ' is moyat« of ope-

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supplies set down by sanitarians in England and America should be adopted in tropical

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legard it rather as a precipitant than as a coagulator. It enters

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girded with two swordes called Cimeterien [«oiiiietarB], hangyDg by i^reate

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or ring, the lower portion of which, confined between the inner tube and the wall of

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(ft) Angareebs in places away from the river banks seem to harbour bugs just as

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they be euer at a tempenit heate. In wynter the poore

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water which had been drunk by the persons infected or in which they had bathed.

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tfta» vegetable diet, which increased the quantity of his urine^

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to meet the objections to which the former werfe liable* It may

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present, though in no case could I get any information of its occurrence in true

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' This was prior to the employment, on a laric scale, of ozone or the action of the ultra-violet rays for

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I do aubmyt me to your me to your bountefull good-*

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standpoint at least, was grossly polluted. Granting these conditions exist, could such

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Howe new shauyd men loke lyke scraped swyne, i^wob'Tw^*'^

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If the crop contents be examined for the presence of cysts, very few will liu found ;

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(Edema of the legs was noted five times, one patient presenting oedema of legs, face

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goodnea, protended to make thya first booke, named " the Introduc-

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unbranched but often sinuous and frequently attain a length of 20// and more.

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wifes, throughe this libertee of open speache, are ridde of the rage that

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the fact that on several occasions I have encountered in undoubted diphtheria cases what

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18th, do. 19th, do. 20di,-«Discharged him from the hospital in a

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subverted in the person of Ann Moore, but on the contrary, that

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most rapid case was that of a woman aged about 18, at Kassala ; she and her husband were

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but not of such fine physique as is usually seen amongst the Egyptian soldiery. He