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Howbeit, it doth replete the stomacke with ventosyte.

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it, — ^The cMMmodytiea^ the qnalite, &, the qua/ityte, wyth

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SuflScient has been said, both in this paper and in that on Blood Examination (/"i;/'- IH),

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aplea & of aider, and there be great water mylloa to

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and repeittedly received bbws on the same part in mangling,

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HOrripilocio is the latin worde. lu £nglysha it is named ataiid-

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Monkey D died 42 days after inoculation. There was no apparent cause of death,

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A sixth case occurred in Mrs. Laurenty, nged 40, the wife

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toward England,— as they the which doeth dwell by

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and in it the urine, after being allowed to stand a night, is

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invasion was averted, but these episodes will show you how varied are the duties of our

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p. 178. Rome. — See W. Thomas's chapter " Of the present astate of

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photo-micrographs of this filaria show that it is practically identical with that under

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Extract from the^report made by the commissioners appoint-

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that merry man would have told us that Captain Cox's " Skogau "

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is lorde and kynge within hym selfe ; they haue veray fayre women,

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and e()siMO])iiilia in the peripheral l)lood. Of the other two, one was a woman admitted

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The prices fixed are as moderate as is consistenf ivitli the cost of ptiJjlicatiou, and any profit

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Ae Jttost active reme dies had been employed by myoelf and

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leaving it to the action of those saprophytic organisms which speedily transform it from

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he complained of severe pain in the abdomen, and his temperature rose. The

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concluded that the case was one of "Bouton d'Orient," and certainly this term is much

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a man to loke agcdly, & also causeth a man to haua »:!

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those be has cut, and one extra-big A of tho same pattom aa the

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awoke, with slight efforts to separate himself from his bindiiigs.

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the top or at the bottom of the list given in Glass II. ; and (4) whether Class III. are

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she purchased at two different shops to praveiA diMetkm. She

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was strong, and the thirst was intense. Blood was abstractedi .

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Thomas became the progenitors of the two branches settled respectively at

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the Tropics are not likely to turn to Pappenheim or to be regular subscribers to the

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the Sth February it only amounted to six pints, having a saline

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aspects of hajmatology. In any case he will find the Folia Jhvmatoloyica a mine of

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Further, by usinj; the two sugars, saccharose and dulcit, one was able to adopt

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The Byshop ought to loko on this matter." — The Extravagantet, FoL

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& where there is plenty of huwny there ia no ekarsyte,

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no Buifet BO euyll as the aurfot of eatj-nge of ouyll

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' alegerAB; alegar P. ' oonsumpcions AB. • ham AB.

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of the twelfth century. It is exceedingly curious, as being the

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much money : but when he perceyued their craft, he exchuyd their