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Christophers (1904). — " A preliminary report on a parasite found in persors suffering from enlargement of the

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The discharge was, as a rule, from a special wrought-iron pipe of small diameter, leading

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I. whyt« bread in Aquitany* may seruo aii honest man a

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Group I, nil Group II, 4 Group III, 6 Group IV, nil

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parents had no kind of hopes, I wished that they would give

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Durst Inpe of >>e leuyngi^a ' Bo vnlnuely ^ei smatijte.

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red cells, recalling in all but position the marginal dots [Anaplasma marginale), Plate VI.,

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and fixed, the needle might be very liable to cause a rupture of the splenic capsule.

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During the 20th, 21st, and 22d, the pulse varied from 96 to

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The madman, mentioned by Pouteao,* lived 47 days, widiont

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In view of Nicolle's discovery of spontaneous Leishmaniosis in the dog, recently

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receptacles which can be fitted with the above-mentioned covers will be prosecuted."

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it ita co^gukMiaii by he«t, ud by different chemical siibfUacea,

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" I du Bay that an vrjne is a Btnimpet, or an harlot, for it wyl

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suiiiiiior, tlio actual iiuiiibor of ' true coli ' is nuicli li'ss than in winter, due, undoubtedly,

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Several women whom 1 saw suffering; Imiii this disease also complumcd of renal

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they be full of yentoeyte, althooghe the akynnea or

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as specific entities. As I only found them in one film out of the four sent, it occurred

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oetvedt that it must be equally freqiiea^ on the continent of

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'* Hale, P. B., and Melia, T. W. (August 24, 1910), "Studies on Inhibition, Attenu.ation and Rejuven.-ition

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' Tho 2iid your of Hoary Vlll'a roign »a» from 1510 to 1511,— JVi«i/n«.

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of lung or heart disease. Spleen enlarged one inch below the costal margin. Liver not "suspected"

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I take this to mean that Boorde was then in the London Charter-house,

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ad. Tbc cckbratcd Or* Fothergill publishes a case of hydra-

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and the state of cultivation ronnd Columbo,is not produced in

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ed ' him; and I added, that since her physician and even her

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feronae sauour.* & certayue tymes it is good, lo be Tsed

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pails, quite a big business (Fig. 84). An eye has to be kept on the conservancy animals,

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