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In these growths the typical parasites of oriental sore were present and the name

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Donovan parasites present in the spleen, bone-marrow and liver. There was a snudl

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immediate vicinity of the wells is out of the question.

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periodically, nor did the seasons appear to influence their recur-

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in large quantities, loses most of its organisms in this period.

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Andwarpe and Barrow, where the Martes wer kept, and where the re-

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necessity for the construction of settling tanks unless the water could be obtained

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ceased, and she still complained of numbness of the amputated

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little doubt that one meets with cases ranging from a simple bowel upset of H culi origin

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evacuating the stomach after a vegetable poison has been swal-

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book was dedicated to the Priucess Mary, ailerwards Queen, daughter

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Jhon Awdeley, 1561, 4to, 28 leaves, with the Lord's Prayer in

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They also found that passage of the disease from monkey to monkey attenuated the virus,


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It is some considerable time since one submitted statistics dealing with the mosquito-

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