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and B noble cytic colled CUpron, and n regal castyl called sieinununge'r.

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Bodonly out of a house, and lokynge into the element or Sonne, slml

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Major Ensor nor myself could find malarial parasites in the peripheral blood. Quinine,

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moved. A soap and water enema administered in th(^ afternoon witii good effect.

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liver iiunctui'e showed tlie presence of Lcishnian-Donovan bodies. It died on the 121st day,

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lectulariits) is unlikely, as these monkeys were kept in a metal cage and no bed-bugs were

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filaments known to occur in red cells (Plate VI., fig. 5).

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(b) Flagellated bodies found in water and in faeces of infected monkey.

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mery, and to bewai-e of pen- ware of pencyfulnes; — truat-fl

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oficiaied. Among this niunber^ is it not highly probable, that

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that they shulde not only poUe theyr heJea, but also ebaue theyr

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few cases in which I have employed it, I have been unable to find parasites. The

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any of the biKlies. The blood coagulated with ast^onishing rapidity, but there was no sign of ai-iite illness.

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all the Nottinghamshire allusions have been introduced into the book

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and leaue out many thynges in the fyratc boke named the Breuiary

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Us health being perfecdy good, and his weight IdOlb. he waa

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^, SammriMi mdi6«---^ifftavrlam in Sanaerit, sigiAfles drop

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tract p. 68, below,— JViirM, nosethrilles, &c. Except for the many

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September numbers of the Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps, 1910.

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finished or no."— 1540, IK. Thomati Hi»i. of Itali/e, leaf 40, back, ed.

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Great Btudmares we brjug vp in Flaundera ; 7 wt «ii oar

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says that gentleman, ^ she swallowed, in the whole, about ^iss

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' The Scotch lord* had a differBnt charaoter from Holio-

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Singa Hospital between the months of December, 1909, and July, 1910.

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notes to Euasell'e Book of Nurture in the Bahfts Book (E. E. T. Soc

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RTote. tbey haue crociherdea ; .iii. crocherds ia les worth nwheni"

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demned to te hanged, and was hanged vppon a pnyre of The pit»rim irw

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fracted ; and the memory fracted, there muste nedes then be obliuious-

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fore by the 32 Henry VIII, chapter 10, the penalty was altered to;

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those recommended by MacConkey,' namely saccharose, dulcit, adonit and inulin. In ^"S-" media

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them to retume home to England, Baying that "I had i wi'i Umn i

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' Coluumu, H.. and Buiitou (June, 1907), American Joarnnl nf Mer/ictil Hcirnce. Quoted in K/)il. Brilish

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peritoneal cavity of a Oeiropitheciin moiikej-, a species of monkey which can be artificially

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ebUeet the precipitate which ia occasioned bf boiling the sercM

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v/na evidently a&aid that on hia return to England, the London

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7 cnstles were liuilt, and S renewed by Henry. — FWeirordi, p. 23, near the fyoU ,

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CO is the latin worde. In Gnike it ia named Curdia. In Englyshe

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Capitalt : and '*« it«pt hare brcn iiftm altered.

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of this boke, but to accept boke, but to accept my good |

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In litmus milk there was slight acidity after three days. .\t the I'nd (jf leu days, no

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haue myttes ; .iiii. myttes is worth a sold. myttoe.

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half inclined to think they enjoy chewing tin cans and the fragments of broken bottles. In

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by alouthfuU bryngynge Tp, it may be holpen by Uylygeut labour.

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