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in him onely; but because they tliouglit that some great raines might fall
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tfta» vegetable diet, which increased the quantity of his urine^
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Unidentified bodies were found in the splenic blood of a case suspected to be
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problem. I hold no brief for Major Clemesha and his work. It requires confinuation
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dyed of tha peatylence; wherfore in such infectious
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aM>re to physicians or surgeons. In eight or ten days I was so
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tlieyra in thys place,"— Fol. 6. JSa Eittori/c of Italge. by W,
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g^, that a human being can exist, in a state of comparative
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fowls. Chicks showing bodies have often been successfully inoculated either by tick-bite
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f Cyder ia made of tlie iiice of peerea, or of* the
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wolde haue gone to saynct TameEi in Compostell ; he was
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4 2T. After this, urged by righteous iool " to ee A, to know the
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Within the past year opportunities occurred of studying a peculiar patliological
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staining protoplasm. In (ti) there are achromatic transverse bands
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same note is applicable to the appearance presented on March 10.
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as to lead to an immediate condemnation of the water both on bacteriological and chemical
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the proof was as perfoel as it wss powible for it to b^, and that
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Order at Chartreus, in the diocese of Grenoble in Ftanoo, about a.d.
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withdrew hiauelf from my care, and weat to a (Uataoce fiom
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1534 June 6. Takes the oaths to Henry YIIFs supremacy (Bymer,
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p. 187. LombarcTs craftiness. — "The kynge this tyme [Henry VIII
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litue animal food, and subsisting chiefly on articles furnishing
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Transmission of Tick Fevers." Journal uf tin- Rmjal Army Medical Corps, Vol. 12, No. 2.
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I also present Professor Nuttall's interesting rej)ly and, while tiie (juestion still
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Medical Officer of Health is complimented on the state of his district he would do well
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of the smallest forms were homogeneous showing no dark centres whatever, while some
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.\s regards Sennar Province I do not think that tiie disease can be attributed to
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broyno, or els by some grcate Lurte in the head, or of to much ryotte.
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matters, and displease her not, but let her liaue her owne wyl, for i
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The people of the oou7itrey be hardy men, and strongo
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the position taken up by MacConkey in his paper on the Bacteriology of Milk {Journal of
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excellent memoir deals fully with the subject, and the Sudan types, with one exception,
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spasms OB the 7th October. When I saw him, I fomid him
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valuable one, for it stands to reason that, if specific agglutinins can be produced in a serum
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I went, hunted up the Financial Secretary, paintofl the situation in lurid colours, and
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these points is to be found in the clinical condition of the patient. Further, in the
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forte the stomacke, spccyally yf they be eaten with
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being irregular in pursuing any plan, the symptoms of his disease
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of easement be oner some water, or ellea elongatcil from. J
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was a man of information and strong mind, I explained to him
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only issued one, the date of his Aatronamye ia 1543, and not li)47,
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been used irregularly, was desired to be continued.
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is, and all is one coyno : the chefe town of Hanago ia bitih™b.j
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ANiniM IB the latin worde : In greke it is named Tfiimos. In
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Tolume. Whcrto they are the more stifly wedded, because auch single
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no akenition in his symptoms* Directed an antispasmodic
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ymentos or syokeneBsea, spocyally yf honny be in it,
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for a single cause and to forget that two or more pathological states may act concurrently
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