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(i. Erection of tho yetdo to eynne. A remedy for that is to leape
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and Newe Cartage, in Aragon tho chefo towne ia called cS^pS
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tlmt I ahold do xxf' yers agmc ; & trewly they can nott prove ytt,
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from Erasmus on the flitby clay floors of England, in tbe Babeet Book,
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place. There is anotlicr towue called Louane, whichc ia i.<iiivo(n,
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with 4yspn«* »»4 bloo4-sit*»nje4 spuitnnj, but these latter, more rarely. The disease lasts
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1530 Returns to England, and attends the Duke of Koifolk {Dye^
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been found on cattle and dogs, and it is worth noting that Mr. King, our Entomologist, Mode of
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shoes, & other pelfery. They do vse no mony in the
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jVforeover, we are now at pains, so far as dysentery is concerned, to distinguish
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kMophift necenarid paremus,quid sit in quaque re maxime
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dtrUnA was made between them. The application of a ligatwt
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cutaneous ulcers, and that the epidemic, for the disease was undoubtedly contagious, had
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spot in the parish of Westham, ocljacent (o Pevensey ; but the Manor-bouea
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prior of Mychillym ; Thomoii, Lord Dacro ; and others.
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Introduction of knowledge, and there ahall you Bee what is good both
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'kynges leege me^i thorowh per ewyll wordes^. for as I wentt thorow
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plentyfull of breade, wyne, and come. ITiere be many
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centres, mostly situated in the vicinity of blood-vessels and lymphatics and sweat glands.
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men, be3riige in Englande, dothe vso to kepe theyr berdea mocha
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should auoide mariadge. Wber-by he conlirmeth the opinions of Montanua,
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enquiry and examination. The following facts are cited to show that in some cases
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did verie much qualiGe tbe conceiued grudges of hia aduersarieSi toA
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doth tume into stone. IT The kynges of England, by tTiQ
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in protecting a large space of ground in the immediate vicinity from all chances of pollution."
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were both few in number, and very simple in thetr nature. Since
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any other person for us, or in our name, may or shall hereafter re-
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IT The .xs. Chapytre treatoth of ccrtayne vsuall herbcs.* (p. 280)
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and my kynge" (p. 117, L 24). The Lothbury edition must also
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diverticula can be obtained by snicking the edge of the body. The tiny wound, as
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quantities of blood taken from the finger as at first. This he kindly did, and I incubated Attempts at
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so I endeavoured to cultivate them under anaerobic conditions, without any better result.
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ae there is dynerce people of diuerce nacions, ther is vsed
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inoculated with it may also serve to separate it from other forms of avian
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side, coming on about every four months and lasting 24 bonis; he has bad these attacks
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troubles of this world, in assured hope of the resurrection : which Stephen de-
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' ooseth,' eonniiteth. 4. In MS No. 58 of the Appendix to the Royals in the
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wiuth) against the godly maritulge of priests. Whcrin dyiiers other