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the tests. The acidity was + 10 to phenol-phthalein. One c.c, '5 c.c. and -2 c.c. of the

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and put therto .iii. vnces of Sa[xi]frage rotes, and bake this togyther in

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extensive native locations in Khartoum North. It is in such cases that the small

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§ 43. E. Fifthly, and lastly, let ua see oui author in his seriotu

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connective tissue undergoing inflammation and some proliferation, and does not apparently

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hut the special granule infection does not occur as in the fowl tick, at least on a large

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pation for tumors in the tongue, the irritability of which has

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an indmate friend ahowing me h, when he was odnacioiia he

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European and, especially native, labourers who come into the town for work, leaving their

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granules were seeu in liver and spleen juice examined by the dark-field method. It is, however, impossible

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serve as breeding-places for the house-fly, and not only the excretal masses themselves,

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dred® beef is good for a blereyed mare ; yet sensuall

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^ In B, the colophon follows, and is : *'^ Imprented at

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nail illierlie) somtyme (the basest state of lyfe in the ohurehe of God) aom-

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Henna, the [rieasure and benefit he received from the warm batb,

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I should have been happy to have poesessed, 30 or 40 years

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a dog at any period: hb comrades acknowledged he was. One

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or as much in valure, upon light quarela, if the gcntlewomans friendes

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my good wyl and dylygent wyll & dylygent labour. And, "I

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available for examination. Out of these 13 cases, in 9 the parasites were present in the

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obscure tubercular processes, especially general miliary tuberculosis, the fever associated

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" But yf it shall pleaae your grace to loke on a boke the which I

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16th day with the contents of a splenic puncture (Leishman-Donovan parasites not being

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pympdeek. vnarbuttdeek. davarbundee/e. i/yarbundedc.

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