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** About all these there is m certaiu amuuut of duubt

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.\ blood film taken 5J hours afterwards showed a great diminution in the numljer of spirochietes. Only a

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a mantell to caste on a bed, also a carpet to lay on a table ; some cal it a

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moist. She had still some cough. Her countenance was languid,

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There ia no copy of the first edition of it (a.d. 15i7 1) in the British

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and both dying, the mother showing signs of the disease one month after her son's death.

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suiiiiiior, tlio actual iiuiiibor of ' true coli ' is nuicli li'ss than in winter, due, undoubtedly,

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Sergent (Edninnd) and Sergent (Etienne) (1910). — " Kala-azar. Kxistcnee di' la r,eishmanioso ehcz Ics ehiens

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«"":■.*.■" '•=: i r"*".'l 1 -"-i"". " - "I* I"" Zl "Ll-T ~ _l*'t7. *^«1«

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came away, and there was a rush of foul-smelling effluent of the colour, if not the

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jnik'ii ii > IT Tho lond of Gulyk ' ia a dcwkodom, and the lond

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having given the reaction. If only one tube in the first seven of these gives a reaction, then

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considered a negative one. A second experiment was carried out in wiiich the fieces,

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finest silkes that may be had, and are so finely hosed and shoed, as I

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fessed in the church openly, laying theyr headea in the Womm eaof»

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The percentages of the various constituents of the agar was the same throughout all

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The system adopted, and carried through without any reference to those responsible

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its vector. It is hoped that opportunities may arise for working out this problem.

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I unfortunately neglected to apply the special staining methods of Fiilleborn and

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vere in his regimen. At the time of writing this note, Septem-

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The sign + indicates the formation of acid and gas.

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The results of these experiments tend to show that li. coli communis is extremely

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often bitterly cold at that hour — to pursue defaulters whom I found emptying one bucket

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these good townea in Scknd : Mjdiiborow, and Flossh- mdaiebntBii »nd

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reders, for God knoweth that I do not wryte halfe as it is or was ; but

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method of taking a deep breath and holding it, by means of which the spleen is depressed

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" Concerning the chemical constitution of the water, we are not inclined to lay much

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Case of Ruptured Uterus, with the appearances on dissection.

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and the absdnence was complete in every sense of the word. In

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» Statham, J. C. B. (December, 1910), "A Small Outbreak of Fever due to Bacteria having Unusual

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subverted in the person of Ann Moore, but on the contrary, that

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Carew, and in the description of it, Dr Borde's name occurs.' The

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