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all probability, had become infected from the first.

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Still, when one finds a fowl with a heavy infection treated by the drug and its blood

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Three days after, a swelling appeared in the buttock at the site of inoculation. This

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Man and certain Domestic Animals in the Sudan together

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March 3. More large " spore " forms to-day. Some with " exit gaps." Small ring forms also present.

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blood from the linger and from the congestive zone at the periphery of the lesions. His

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experiments of Sanfelice, Tokishige, Marcone and Baruchello, which all go to prove that

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Zibla heaps, in relation to Dysentery and Enteric 280

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to surround both it and the arm, measured S4^ inches.

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One cannot enter into their interesting enquiries and elaborate tests in detail, but it is Report of

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the family or community showing no signs of the disease.

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rioe, and vegetables, which he doea in considerable ^mai^ityt

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myrth / truely it is for no other for no other inteHcion, but to . i

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and hardo names, dyflycyle to vnderstande, — some and moostc of all

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Experiments made on certain Preparations of Gold. By M.

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afi-ayd to tary any longer, lest that the deuyls shulde haue come out

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It was not, however, until I came across an interesting and illustrated paper by Fi/aria

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Plate XIV., fig. fj, in our Second Report will show a torula from the stomach of a jerboa

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'■ Patton, W. S. (1908), Rerpeionumas lygcei. Arch.f. Protistenk.

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R brand, haue these aforesaid infyrmytes : 'new bred, stale

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siich articles of diet as produce Ilatulence. — J. L.

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has since so unaccountably aUayed all suspicions with regard to

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Howard Ensor has also come across them in a case of fever and in a splenic puncture

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LjYjngo oti myllta / whyg / and whrg [whyg = butter-milk, or

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maried. tho vauall drynke, there & in other hyghe

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films obtained. There were many parasites in tlie mononuclears. Cells like degenerated

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but it was judged expedient to defer it till the full operation of^

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